Luis Rubiales, President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation

by Lorraine Williamson
Luis Rubiales arrest

FOOTBALL – Spain´s victory of the 2023 FIFA Women´s World Cup have been somewhat overshadowed by events during the aftermath of the game. The actions of Luis Rubiales, President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation have been brought into question. And there are many calls for his resignation.

Consequently, as stated on the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) social media, “as a matter of urgency, an Extraordinary General Assembly is convened for Friday, August 25, starting at 12 noon”. This will take place at the headquarters of the Ciudad del Fútbol de las Rozas.

In their press statement, it also says that, “based on the latest events that occurred during the award ceremony for the Women’s World Cup won by the Spanish National Team, we would like to inform you that the internal proceedings of the Federation regarding integrity issues are open, as well as all other applicable protocols”.

Fresh allegations

In a second announcement by RFEF, it addresses alleged accusations made against Luis Rubiales. The RFEF denounces these accusations made by Tamara Ramos, claiming they are very serious and false. According to the Federation, Ramos was a former co-worker of Rubiales when he was in charge of the AFE Union.

The Federation go on to say they condemn the statements made by Ramos, and that they have taken legal action. They accuse her of “jumping on the band wagon!”.

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Liga F official statement

In an official statement from Liga F, they announce they have filed a complaint with the CSD (The National Sports Council). As such, they have requested the disqualification of Rubiales.

The Professional Women’s Football League, has filed the complaint for the very serious acts and conduct carried out by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation at the Final of the Women’s World Cup. As a result, they request his disqualification.

In their statement, they say,

Cogesa Expats

one of the greatest feats in the history of Spanish sport was sullied by the embarrassing behaviour of the highest representative of Spanish football who, once again, and guided by his continuous and habitual desire for leadership, proved not to be up to the task he holds.

They found his obscene method of celebrating the victory while in the VIP box in the presence of Queen Letizia and her daughter, Infanta Doña Sofia totally inadmissible and disgusting. Furthermore, for someone in his position to have grabbed Jenni Hermoso by the head and kissed her hard on the mouth was disgusting.

Also, his subsequent justifications for his acts, were as voiced by Pedro Sanchez, “inadequate”.

Liga F continued that it was

not just about the kiss. It was an attitude.


When the world should have its eyes on our soccer players, the president managed to get the world’s eyes to focus on his “manhood”.

Whatever happens on Friday, as Liga F stated, the reactions of the wider “society have made itself clear”. There is much respect for what these women have achieved. It is time for Women´s football to take a well-deserved leap forward.


FIFPRO, The global union for professional football players which defends the rights and interests of players has also made an official statement against the conduct of Rubiales.

Luis Rubiales


Minister of Equality

Irene Montero, Minister of Equality followed up her initial statement with “If we don’t call it by its name, sexual violence, we can now get Rubiales to resign or be fired, but millions of other non-consensual kisses will continue to go unpunished”.

Jenni Hermoso

And in an official release from Hermoso´s representatives, FUTPRO, they confirm that Jenni Hermoso has instructed them along with the TMJ Agency to defend her interests on all matters related to Luis Rubiales.

Read the full statement here (in Spanish)

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