Since the law against drunk tourism 11 bars closed in Magaluf

by Lorraine Williamson

CALVIà – The government of the Balearic Islands has been fighting for a few years now against the excesses that occur as a result of drunken tourists. However, a new law has led to the closure of 11 catering establishments in Magaluf and other areas in the municipality of Calvià this season. 

In that municipality is Magaluf, the place that has the least favourable reputation when it comes to drunken tourism. Every year, tens of thousands of young people come here to celebrate the end of their secondary school years. This is accompanied by a lot of drinking and undesirable behaviour that results from it. Think of fights, vandalism or ‘balconing’. That is when people jump into swimming pools from the balcony or try to climb to other rooms via balconies. It often ends badly. Several young people die every year or end up in hospitals with bad injuries. 

Stricter rules on catering establishments 

Before the pandemic, the government wanted to put a stop to such excesses by imposing stricter rules on catering establishments. However, this year, bars and clubs in Magaluf took matters into their own hands. They imposed dress codes on guests among other ways to influence the behaviour of the mostly very young tourists. 

Since the law against drunk tourism was introduced, the municipality in which Magaluf is located has opened 34 files regarding serious and very serious offences. That is after the Balearic Islands experienced their first summer at full capacity since the decree law was approved. 

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Sanctions to limit alcohol consumption 

The purpose of this regulation – which entered into force in January 2020 – is to curb discourteous behaviour in the Mallorcan areas of Magaluf (Calvià) and Playa de Palma and Sant Antoni (Ibiza) by, among other things, limiting alcohol consumption by imposing sanctions for uncontrolled sale in entertainment venues or on public roads. It also banned advertising encouraging alcohol consumption. This includes happy hour offers and similar.

In one of the main hotspots, Calvià (Mallorca), of the 34 disciplinary proceedings opened this season, 11 have led to precautionary measures, resulting in the closure of establishments. Of these, 7 have already been lifted because the businesses have paid the fines. 

The situation is “much improved” 

The deputy mayor, Nati Francés, explained it on December 1 at a meeting of the Calvià Tourism Forum. This was attended by municipal officials as well as opposition parties, hotel and business associations and trade unions. He stressed that thanks to the decree and the work of the local police, the Guardia Civil and the activities committee “the situation has improved a lot”. 

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