Guardia Civil arrests eight members of the Trinitarios youth gang in Basque Country

by Lorraine Williamson
Los Trinitarios

The Guardia Civil has apprehended eight members of notorious Los Trinitarios gang in Basque Country. The arrests were made in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Salvatierra (Álava), and Mondragón (Gipuzkoa).

These individuals were involved in drug trafficking and bank fraud. Charges include participation in a criminal organisation, assault, illegal possession of weapons, drug offenses, and fraud, among others.

After a year-long investigation, the Alava branch of this criminal group has been dismantled. Furthermore, its leader was also apprehended in the province.


During five raids, police seized various weapons. This included the following;

  • a simulated assault rifle
  • five simulated pistols
  • four machetes
  • knives
  • extendable batons
  • wooden bats

Additionally, significant quantities of narcotics, counterfeit money, electronic devices for analysis, and distinctive gang attire – such as collars, bandanas, and bracelets – were confiscated.

Cogesa Expats

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Green Nation operation

The operation, dubbed Green Nation, was conducted by the Information Section of the 11th Zone of the Basque Country and the Information Headquarters (UCE3).

Los Trinitarios

Los Trinitarios, originally established in the Dominican Republic, have expanded their criminal activities to other regions, including Spain. Known for their violent tactics and involvement in various illicit activities, the youth gang has garnered significant attention from various police throughout Spain. Particularly in regions like Basque Country, Los Trinitarios have been implicated in drug trafficking, extortion, and bank fraud, among other crimes.

Moreover, their hierarchical structure and strict codes of conduct make them a formidable force within the criminal underworld. As a result, police have been actively targeting Los Trinitarios cells to dismantle their operations and mitigate their impact on local communities.

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