Violent street fight between Los Trinitarios and Dominicans Don´t Play (DDP) in Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson
Los Trinitarians Dominicans Don´t Play


MADRID – 15 arrests, 11 of them minors after a massive street fight in the San Blas Metro station area of Madrid between two rival gangs. Los Trinitarios took on Dominicans Don´t Play (DDP) on Thursday, and despite the scale of the fight, and the weapons used, there was only one minor injury.

The street brawl took place on Thursday evening (March 9) at around 10.00 pm in the San Blas area of Madrid. According to El Mundo, police received calls via 112 alerting them to the fight between rival Latino gangs in a park near the San Blas metro.

Thursday March 9

When the police arrived, a large number of youngsters brandishing weapons including knives and machetes were running around the area. However, three youths, found by the police, were hiding between cars trying to avoid the fight. Police took these youths into protective custody.

The first arrests were made on Pobladura del Valle street. But at the same time, the fighting continued, and sprawled onto another street in the same area.

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15 arrests

In the end, police arrested 15 young people. 11 of which were minors. As reported by El Español, the night ended with the arrest of a group of young people in the Plaza de Grecia in San Blas whose characteristics coincided with those provided by the victims. There were also arrests in Suecia streets, María Sevilla Diago Street and in the Metropolitano metro station.

The single injured person was a 15-year-old North African boy who was taken by the Samur to the Ramón y Cajal hospital under police guard.

News reports indicate those “adults” (18–19-year-olds) arrested were Romanian, Venezuelan, Columbian, and Spanish of South American parents. The minors (14-17 year-olds) arrested were North Africans, Dominicans and Spaniards.

Los Trinitarios – Dominicans Don´t Play (DDP)

The victims of this aggression identified the attackers as Colombian and Dominican boys. Specifically, members of Los Trinitarios. One said they were surprised by a group of 15 people from the Trinitarios Latino gang. Furthermore, he said he knew some of them because they went to the same school. This same boy confessed that two weeks earlier, he had suffered another assault by the same group of people. However, he did not report it for fear of reprisals. He added that he had also been threatened by the Blood gang, who are allies of the Trinitarios. Furthermore, he said he did know several boys from the DDP gang. However, he said he does not belong to this group.

Cogesa Expats

Sunday March 12

Alex, a 22-year-old man died in Bravo Murillo in the early hours of Sunday from a stab wound to the heart in a possible brawl between gangs. This is according to El Mundo.

The victim was Spanish and of Dominican origin. It is alleged that he was involved in a fight between rival gang members.

Despite doctors attempting to resuscitate him, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Policia Nacional have launched an investigation.

According to reports, the events occurred around 4.30 am when the victim and a friend were attacked by a group of seven hooded youths. They were all dressed in black clothing. Furthermore, several witnesses say there had been a previous discussion between the two groups at the door of a nightclub near Bravo Murillo Street, Madrid.

Seemingly, one of the attackers pulled out a knife and stabbed the 22-year-old victim in the chest. It was reported that he died almost instantly because the steel pierced his heart. His friend who had a head injury was at his side. The friend was assisted by Samur with for minor concussion.

No arrests for the murder

The first hypothesis indicates the victim was involved in a fight between gang members. Currently, there are no arrests and there is no proof that the two events are linked.

According to El Mundo, Alex was a member of the Trinitarios gang with a middle rank in the organisation. Initial police investigations suggest the attackers could be members of the rival DDP gang.

Álex, the alleged member of the Trinidadian gang, murdered in Madrid, had a history of sexual assault and robbery with violence. Between 2020 and 2022 he accumulated many criminal records. These include an alleged rape, trespassing, robbery with violence and illegal possession of weapons.

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