Dominican Don´t Play (DDP) gang arrests in Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson
DDP arrests

MADRID – The Guardia Civil have arrested a further 3 members of the Dominican Don´t Play (DDP) gang. This related to the murder of a young man in Usera, Madrid on February 5.

As part of Operation Bacano, another 3 gang members had already been arrested back in February. But now, the latest arrests took place in Madrid, Seseña (Toledo) and Badajoz. The latest detainees have been arrested as possible perpetrators of homicide and for belonging to a criminal organisation.

DDP gang structure

Due to on-going investigations, the Guardia Civil was able to confirm the DDP is a group of high criminal intensity. Furthermore, they are very strictly organised, and disciplined in the way they carry out their criminal activities.

Gang members are welcomed or promoted within the organisation after carrying out certain acts dictated by the hierarchy. Allegedly, these acts usually involve trafficking and possession of weapons, drug trafficking, crimes against property (particularly violent robberies using intimidation and firearms), and crimes against individuals such as extortion, coercion, by injuring and using threats.

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Extreme violence

In addition to the above noted alleged crimes, the gang are known for the extreme violence they inflict, and for carrying out violent confrontations against other gangs they consider as their enemies, in order to gain control of the territories in which they sit.

As reported by the Guardia Civil, the police has had the participation of agents from the Information Group of the Toledo Command, Information Headquarters (UCE 3), and the Citizen Security Unit (USECIC) of Madrid, as well as the collaboration of Penitentiary Institutions.

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