Guardia Civil operation Trisagras in Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson
Operation Trisagras arrests

MADRID – The Guardia Civil carried out a successful investigation named Operation Trisagras. This took place in the province of Madrid and resulted in the arrest of 3 people. Furthermore, all 3 are minors, allegedly belonging to the youth gang “Los Trinitarios”.

The arrests were made as the 3 young men were suspected of attempted murder. This allegedly took place on November 25 in the area of the Valdemoro train station (Madrid).

Blows and cuts all over

Seemingly, those arrested had suddenly, but with intent, approached the victim near the train station. He had serious head injuries and suffered blows all over his body. Additionally, he had cuts on his legs and body which resulted in the partial amputation of his right hand. This had happened as he attempted to block a blow to his head.

The victim was transferred to the Valdemoro hospital and so far, continues to suffer the serious consequences of the attack.

Operation Trisagras

As a result of the investigation, police discovered the alleged perpetrators were members of a Valdemoro youth gang called Trinitarios. Seemingly the attack was part of a territorial dispute against the Dominican Don´t Play (DDP).

Members of both gangs are known to have police records relating to violence.

Cogesa Expats

According to the official report on the Guardia Civil website, the main accused travelled on an electric scooter and oversaw “marking” the victim by first attacking him with a large machete.

Operation Trisagras is part of the Guardia Civil´s strategy to prevent the rise of these youth gangs.

Violent youth gangs

As reported by the Guardia Civil, in the last two years, in relation to these violent groups, in the Madrid area, 8 operations have been carried out. This has resulted in 30 arrests of members of these violent youth gangs.

In addition, since February of this year, to prevent the rise of activities committed by youth gangs, the Madrid police have made more than 5,000 identifications, and 19 arrests. Furthermore, over 700 complaints have been filed. The majority of which is for illicit possession of weapons and drugs.

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