Tens of thousands of new jobs in Spain in the run-up to Semana Santa

by Lorraine Williamson
Semana Santa jobs

The Semana Santa, one of the most popular holiday weeks in Spain, is coming up in a few weeks. Because Semana Santa is a busy week for domestic and foreign touristm, it is also when tens of thousands of extra jobs are added. 

Semana Santa, (Easter Week), will be celebrated in 2023 from Sunday April 2 to Sunday April 9. During this week, dozens of processions are held through the streets of much larger cities in Spain. 

Busy holiday week means tens of thousands of extra jobs in Spain 

The Semana Santa is a busy holiday week for domestic and foreign tourists alike. During this week, millions of Spanish residents travel across the country to go on vacation or spend time with family. This week also always attracts many foreign visitors to Spain. And that is exactly the reason why extra jobs are always created during Semana Santa. 

Randstad expects up to 84,750 additional contracts to be signed in the run-up to Semana Santa in Spain. It is expected this year will have over 17% more jobs than were added last year. However, the expected number is still far from the number of additional employment created before the pandemic (116,115 jobs in 2019). 

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

Three regions in Spain account for 50% extra jobs Semana Santa 

Randstad’s forecasts show that employment will increase in all regions in Spain in the run-up to Semana Santa. Yet Madrid, Catalonia and Andalucia account for no less than 50% of the number of upcoming contracts. Employment will increase the most this year in the Balearic Islands (+25.1%), Navarre (+23.4%), the Canary Islands (+22.6%) and Valencia (+20.6%). 

Which jobs are most sought after in Spain around Semana Santa? 

But what kind of jobs will be created the most in the coming period? Almost 82% of the number of contracts that will be signed in the coming weeks will be in the hospitality industry; the sector that generally benefits the most from tourism. Within passenger transport (taxis, etc.) an increase of almost 12% is also expected. According to Randstad, companies are mainly looking for flexible people who can learn quickly and preferably, with previous experience in, for example, the hospitality industry. 

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