Spanish court allows ‘Mocro Mafia’ leader to escape

Reactions: 'Extremely serious' and 'five years of research is wasted'

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Despite the Public Prosecution Service’s request for the detention of Karim Bouyakhricham, leader of the ‘Mocro mafia’, to guarantee his extradition to the Netherlands, a Spanish judge decided not to detain him. This allowed Bouyakhricham to flee.

The drug criminal wanted by the Netherlands for serious criminal activities was arrested in Marbella in January. Since his last court appearance on April 1, Bouyakhricham’s whereabouts are unknown. This misstep by the judiciary has led to frustration within police circles because it made possible the flight of one of the most wanted criminals in the Netherlands.

‘Five years of research has been wasted’

Judge Ismael Moreno, who previously worked as a police inspector, decided not to issue an arrest warrant. That decision went against the advice of prosecutors, who based it on Bouyakhricham’s high flight risk.

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He fled without leaving a trace. The frustration within the police over the actions of the judge of the Audiencia Nacional, Ismael Moreno, is enormous. “Five years of investigation has been wasted,” as acknowledged by police sources directly involved in the investigation. What happened “is of an extremely serious nature because the violent profile of this alleged mafioso is uncontrollable.”

‘Unforgivable mistake’

In fact, he has not only threatened the Crown Princess Amalia of the Netherlands with death, but also put her Prime Minister Mark Rutte on his radar. Hence the anger that also exists among Dutch investigators about the escape of what they consider their primary target from the infamous Mocro mafia. Their most wanted fugitive has disappeared due to “an unforgivable mistake” committed by the Audiencia Nacional, according to these sources.

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