Policia Nacional dismantle Mocro Maffia: Major leader arrested for money laundering

by Lorraine Williamson
Mocro Maffia

The Spanish National Police have dealt a severe blow to the notorious criminal organisation Mocro Maffia, arresting six individuals in the provinces of Málaga and Melilla.

The suspects are now facing charges of money laundering and participation in a criminal organisation. Among those detained is one of the top leaders of Mocro Maffia, a dangerous criminal considered the most wanted fugitive by Dutch authorities.

Mocro Maffia

The operation, which spanned over five years, uncovered a sophisticated criminal network involved in large-scale international drug trafficking and money laundering. The criminal organisation allegedly trafficked substantial amounts of cocaine into Spain, utilising a robust infrastructure spanning personal, maritime, and mercantile operations, primarily located in Málaga, Barcelona, Melilla, Marbella, and abroad.

The primary suspect, now in custody, is not only a key figure in the Mocro Maffia but also a historic drug trafficker on the Costa del Sol. Involved in numerous police investigations, he served as a crucial connection point in Spain for various international criminal organisations engaged in the global cocaine trade, accumulating significant wealth over the years.

The investigation unveiled a complex network operating in Morocco, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, and Spain. The criminal organisation employed intermediary companies, the “Hawalla” methodology, and the use of frontmen to launder substantial sums of money, subsequently acquiring movable and immovable assets.

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Large-scale drug trafficking

Throughout the investigation period, the criminal organisation allegedly laundered €6 million, though the actual amount could be higher due to links with individuals involved in large-scale drug trafficking.

The professionalism and danger associated with Mocro Maffia became evident through the use of advanced technical means, high-tech communication with encrypted phones, financial expertise in fund management, and the establishment of intricate corporate structures. The organisation demonstrated a high level of preparedness compared to similar criminal enterprises. Additionally, investigators confirmed a diverse criminal portfolio, including contacts with Latin American cartels and other European criminal organizations, along with instances of extortion and kidnapping.

The operation concluded with the arrest of six individuals and the execution of fourteen searches in the provinces of Málaga (3) and Melilla (11). Police seized €75,000 in cash, jewellery valued at approximately €10,000, two firearms, and froze 172 real estate properties valued at around €50 million. Furthermore, close to €3 million across 148 bank accounts were immobilised.

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