Mocromafia torture chambers discovered in Marbella villas

by Lorraine Williamson
drug wars and torture chambers

MARBELLA – Sometimes the Costa del Sol is somewhat cynically referred to as the Costa del Crime. The media therefore regularly report settlements in the criminal circuit or dismantled drug organisations. Now the police have discovered torture chambers of the drug mafia. 

These allegedly belong to the ‘Mocromafia’, the drug traffickers of Moroccan and Algerian origin. These are who control the drugs transported via Spain in the Netherlands and Belgium. Images of those torture chambers provided by the police are reminiscent of horror films. Padded walls to soundproof the room, chairs to immobilise victims and torture tools to force them to speak. That writes the newspaper VozPopuli based on police sources. 

Previously, torture chambers were found installed in containers. But in one of the latest Policia Nacional drug operations they discovered a chamber in a Costa del Sol villa. 

Hired assassins extort their victims here on behalf of the drug mafia or take their lives there. The location is top secret and known only to a few members of the organisation. 

A journalist on his victim list 

These Dutch mafia gangs are associated with the murder of Dutch journalist Peter R. de Vries in 2021 in the centre of Amsterdam. Five shots and a bullet to his head ultimately killed De Vries. He was targeted by drug traffickers for his journalistic investigations into groups that specialise in torture, kidnapping and settling scores with their rivals. 

The origins of these criminal alliances date back to the 1990s. Their ranks included immigrants of Moroccan origin in Belgium or the Netherlands. Many of them have privileged relationships with the Colombian drug cartels, which allowed them to regularly import drugs into Europe, via the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Algeciras. 

The main clan of these groups is known as ‘Angels of Death’ and was led by Ridouan Taghi. A man with dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality who was considered the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands before his arrest in Dubai in 2019. 

Taghi’s main enemy, Ebrahim Buzhu, was killed in Chiclana de la Frontera. He died from a gunshot to the head executed by two assassins who tricked him by luring him to Spain. Buzhu, nicknamed the ‘Butcher’, was one of the last victims of the drug war. 

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Large ports are gateways for drugs 

According to Europol, the three major ports in Northern Europe in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg are the main gateways for Latin American cocaine to Europe. The cocaine mafia, as the drug organisations are also referred to, controls these ports by pressuring dock workers with death threats and violence. The result is that there are employees who ‘turn a blind eye’ out of fear of the entry of narcotics. 

In March, the Belgian and Dutch police forces succeeded in decrypting the ‘Sky ECC’ communication system. The information obtained after intervening in this network served to increase drug seizures, prevent murders, and even discover how some cargo containers had been turned into torture chambers. Hidden rooms were also located in luxury villas on the Costa del Sol. 

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Morocco as main supplier 

Morocco, with more than 40,000 tons of hashish production per year, is the main supplier. For this reason, Spain is the main gateway for these drugs to the European continent and thus to the Schengen area of free movement. This is how the drug groups are sure of trafficking. A ton on the street reaches an average value of €6 million. 

Despite the violence and the scale of these drug traffickers, the ‘Mocromafia’ are strangers to society. In Marbella and Algeciras they are trying to manage the arrival of containers. In addition, they infiltrate institutions and are extremely violent. 


These drug traffickers and their hitmen have a powerful and permanent base in Spain. The National Police recently succeeded in intercepting two 20-metre unmanned submarines and a fleet of 12-engine drones with autonomy for several hours of flight. 

According to the police, Vozpopuli writes, the plan of the Mocromafia is to make the Costa del Sol their narco region. They warn of the great danger that they will join the Spanish hashish gangs that have been operating violently in the for years 

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