El Gordo Spain Christmas lottery already fascinates Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
El Gordo

Many places in Spain can already see that the holidays are approaching, as coloured lights and Christmas trees decorate the streets. And on Thursday, the advertising campaign for the El Gordo (the fat one) Christmas lottery was launched.

With the arrival of Christmas also comes one of the most anticipated dates for millions of people. The 2022 Christmas Lottery draw! The famous draw becomes more popular every year and many citizens look forward to it. El Gordo 2022 will once again change the lives of winners on 22 December. 

El Gordo commercials are also ‘hot’ 

However, apart from the draw itself, there is another event that everyone is waiting for. Namely the premiere of the new Christmas lottery commercials for this year. This is often the starting point for many people to look for the lottery tickets to influence their luck.  

This year’s commercials tell the stories of Julia, Esteban and Vika Each story is different and pushes forward valuable human values, such as solidarity or the feeling of friendship. And, of course, love, hope or illusion. The last two relate to what it can yield to participate in this draw.  

Prize money of over €2.5 billion

According to the president of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, Jesús Huerta Almendro, at Thursday morning’s press conference, this year’s issue consists of 180 series, eight more than in previous years when there were 172 series, of 100,000 numbers each. Of the 3.600 billion, 70% will be paid out in prizes, i.e. €2.520 billion, up slightly from €2.408 billion in 2021.  

Cogesa Expats

Slogan El Gordo 2022

Un Sorteo Extraordinario lleno de historias extraordinarias‘ (an extraordinary lottery, full of extraordinary stories) that is the advertising slogan for the Christmas Lottery 2022 presented on Thursday at the Real Casa de la Moneda in Madrid. As in previous years, several stories divided into separate ads have been chosen. The three stories that have been announced are called ‘Three Orchids’, ‘Vika’ and ‘The Journey’.  

Like last year, the stories reflect people’s warmth and kindness. 

The El Gordo stories in brief:  

Three Orchids 

The first plot, called ‘Three Orchids’, stars a man and Ulises, a fisherman and his dog. One stormy day, the man finds a tenth ticket with the name ‘Julia three orchids’ on the back. When the man learns that the ticket has won the jackpot, he hesitates whether to keep it or look for its owner. When he goes to collect the prize from the lottery administration, the protagonist reads on a van ‘floristería tres orquídeas’, a clue that will help him return Julia’s winning ticket to her. 


The second ad for El Gordo 2022 is about friendship. Vika comes to work in a new place, but because she does not understand Spanish, she needs the help of one of her colleagues. Over time, she begins to learn words and communicate more fluently with the other woman. At the end of the video, we see both women sitting in a bar and Vika’s companion offering her a half lot. Vika doesn’t quite understand what it means, and gets a reply: ‘Together… here we have a habit of sharing the lottery with the people we care about like our friends’, a sentence that not only moves the viewers, but also Vika. She now has someone to share friendship with.  

The journey 

The final story of the Christmas lottery Spain is set in a snowy village where Esteban receives a mysterious phone call. When he hangs up, the shepherd puts an envelope in his bag and embarks on a long journey with his sheep. When he arrives in town, he visits his friend who is in hospital and gives him a lottery ticket. Esteban explains that whatever happens, he will not break the tradition of sharing a lottery ticket with his friend, even if he has to travel all over the world to give it to him. 

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