Man dies in Spain after explosion of electronic device on charger

by Lorraine Williamson
death due to explosion of electronic device

PAMPLONA – A 25-year-old man died in the Navarrese town of Bera after suffering serious burns following the explosion of an electronic device he was charging on his bedside table.

The Guardia Civil has confirmed the tragedy and is currently conducting an in-depth investigation into the causes. Although the original suspicion fell on a mobile phone, further investigations have ruled this out.

A technical inspection of the site was carried out by officers of the Guardia Civil Judicial Police in Navarra. This revealed that the ignition was probably caused by another electronic device. The exact nature of this device cannot be determined due to the damage it sustained. A mobile phone was found on the ground with no signs of explosion or ignition.

At around 2.20 pm, the Guardia Civil was called to a home in Bera, where a device had exploded while the man was sleeping. The explosion caused a small fire that severely damaged the bed the young man was lying on and left him with severe burns.

Medical intervention and research

The officers performed resuscitation procedures until the arrival of medical assistance. The man was then taken by medical helicopter to Hospital de Cruces in Bizkaia, where he later died. The Navarra Fire Department was also on-site due to the dense smoke in the home after the explosion.

Investigators from the Guardia Civil in Navarra continue to investigate the causes of the fire.

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