The hottest place in Spain this Wednesday

by Lorraine Williamson
hottest place in Spain

ALMERIA – There was already a warning for extreme heat in this area: Code red. It was indeed extremely hot during the heatwave that is plaguing Spain these days. 

According to La Voz de Almería, the temperature record has been broken in the southeastern province of Almería with 44.4 degrees at 3.00 pm. Code red was applied to the Valle del Almanzora and Los Vélez just north of Tabernas and the area considered to be the largest desert in Europe. The province and the coastal area of Málaga also received code red for Wednesday. 

Code orange was in effect for Nacimiento, Campo de Tabernas and Levante just south of the former area and a yellow warning for the eastern coast and the capital. In many places in the province, 40º was exceeded at 3.00 pm. 

The Spanish weather agency Aemet already predicted that on Wednesday the thermometers would register the highest temperatures of this heatwave. As early as 2.50 pm, Almería exceeded the 43.7ºC recorded yesterday in Uleila, the highest value in the province of Almería to date. 

According to data from the AMETSE network (Meteorological Association of Southeastern Spain, also known as RedMeteoSE), a temperature of 44.4ºC was recorded in Albox. It is still quite possible that that value will be reached in the coming hours in Almería or elsewhere in the province or country. 

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Albox is followed by the 43.3ºC of (Los Guapos) Sorbas, the 42.8ºC of Chercos and El Pilar (Lubrín) with 41.7ºC. Macael, Arboleas, Olula del Río, Huércal-Overa and Abla also exceed 40ºC. Places such as Laroya, Benizalón, Laujar de Andarax and Carboneras reach 39ºC. 

However, Albox was not the hottest place in Spain during this heatwave. That ‘honour’ went to Loja, where it became 44.6º on Monday 10 July. 


The Aemet’s forecast for Wednesday was partly cloudy or clear skies, with clouds developing inland where isolated thunderstorms not ruled out. Temperatures remain stable on the southern coast and rise elsewhere. Wind from the west, and more intense in the afternoon. 


For tomorrow, Thursday, there is talk of partly cloudy skies, with periods of low clouds. Morning fog on the coast, with a chance of fog elsewhere, and a hot, dry wind from the Sahara. Moreover, temperatures are dropping, especially at maximum temperatures with wind from the east. However, the heat will not subside until Friday. 

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