El Caminito del Rey hiking trail closed due to heat warning

by Lorraine Williamson
heatwave closes Caminito del Rey

The management of El Caminito del Rey has announced via social media that it will be closed today, Tuesday, July 11, due to the orange heat alert. The tourist attraction, located between the municipalities of Ardales, Álora and Antequera, will not be open to visitors then.  

In the three municipalities, maximum temperatures will rise to 41º, with minimum temperatures of 25º. The director of the Spanish weather service AEMET in Málaga assures that the abnormally high temperatures will continue throughout the week.  

Safety first 

For El Caminito del Rey, people are the main priority. The trail has been closed more often because of the risk of wind or rainfall. And now, because of the high temperatures. The same thing happened last year. ‘As soon as the AEMET declares orange warnings, meaning people’s health is at risk, we meet with the Diputación de Málaga. In this case, if it becomes dangerous, we decide to close the activity,’ explains El Caminito del Rey’s director, Marcelino Méndez-Trelles. 

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Ticket booked, now what? 

People who have tickets for the day the Caminito del Rey is closed will be notified via text message, email and social networks. Tickets can be exchanged for the next opening day. Despite weather conditions for Wednesday, July 12, in principle, taking into account AEMET’s forecast, the trail is expected to be open from 8.00 am until mid-day. “It seems the best time to be able to open, since it is from 2.00 pm when the heat wave hits,” Méndez-Trelles said. However, this decision may be altered if the weather forecast changes and could be detrimental to visitors, whose safety is a priority. Consequently, all decisions will be communicated to visitors so they are informed. 

Warnings for Wednesday 

The heat is set to continue for a while yet. Orange warnings have also been activated for Wednesday in Ronda, Antequera and Sol Guadalhorce. Code yellow has been issued for the Axarquia. ‘Temperatures may drop a bit inland compared to the values we will have these first three days, but on Wednesday and Thursday there will be westerly winds on the coast that will raise temperatures considerably, AEMET said. 

Check here for current information. 

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