Weekend gets exceptionally warm in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
warm weekend

iA stationary anti-cyclone will bring warm and stable weather across Spain this weekend. Temperatures will be exceptionally high for this time of year. It could exceed 30 degrees in parts of Spain.  

Temperatures already started to rise on Thursday, but from Friday onwards it will -probably throughout the country- get even warmer.  Warm air currents are moving west from the Canary Islands and the Spanish mainland. Dry air from the Sahara could cause haze in the Canary Islands.  

AEMET expects the peak phase of this warm period to be between Friday 29 September and at least Monday 2 October. During this period, daytime temperatures will be exceptionally high for the time of year, with values around 10ºC above normal. 

A gradual cooling of temperatures is expected from Tuesday 3 October, starting in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and the Ebro Valley.  

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Warmest weather in the west this weekend

In the west of mainland Spain, temperature rises will be the greatest. In the Guadalquivir Valley, it could get as high as 36-38ºC, as in other places in south-west Spain. And, n the Ebro valley, it is likely to reach 34-36ºC, according to AEMET. The Canary Islands will also be warm, with temperatures above 34ºC. 

High minimum temperatures

AEMET indicates that minimum temperatures will also be extremely high, but less marked than maximum temperatures. For instance, values of 18-20ºC are forecast for the Mediterranean coast and the southwest. 

In the Canary Islands, minimum temperatures of 22-24ºC are expected and in southern Gran Canaria temperatures will even exceed 24ºC. 

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