Spain has a wet and autumnal week ahead

by Lorraine Williamson
wet and autumnal weather

MADRID – The climatic autumn has started this year with quite severe weather due to a DANA, but otherwise it has hardly rained and the water reservoirs in Spain are lower than they should be at the moment. But the week ahead will bring some wet and autumnal weather.

In that regard, it is favourable that rain showers are expected for a large part of Spain in the coming week. At the weekend it will already rain in the Balearic Islands, in Catalonia, Aragón, and in part of the Valencia region. 

Widespread rain

In addition to a local front with showers in north-eastern Spain, there will be a rain front from the west from the second half of Monday. This moves in a north-easterly direction across Spain, bringing heavy and widespread rain across large parts of the Iberian Peninsula. For now, the weather institute Aemet has only issued a code yellow for rain in Catalonia and the northern part of Aragon for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. 

The first rain showers are expected in the southwest of the country from Monday afternoon. These could also increase in intensity at night in that part of the country. It is also very likely that it will rain in the Canary Islands on Monday. 

On Tuesday, the rain will be more prominent, especially more intense in a much larger area. In some cases, the showers are accompanied by thunderstorms. According to, it is expected that it will rain in practically the entire peninsula. Candidates for the heaviest rainfall, however, are the regions of Extremadura, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, and the western half of Andalucia. 

Reservoirs at less than half capacity 

The abundant and widespread rain showers in Spain next week are very much needed. Spain’s average water supply is 41.74% of total capacity, according to the overview. In the same week last year, that was still almost 50%. The average of the past ten years was even higher at 55.51%. For the region in Spain with the lowest water supply, Murcia with 25.68%, the forecasts are less favourable. As far as we know, there will be very little next week. The regions of Extremadura, Andalusia, and Castilla-La Mancha, with 33.87%, 32.55%, and 36.79% capacity respectively, can therefore expect an improvement in the situation of their water resources. 

Cool, wet and autumnal atmosphere 

With the arrival of the rainy season, the temperature drops about 10 degrees. That means they will drop from warm for the time of year this weekend to below normal values. 

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