Andalucia President confirms forest fire intentionally lit

by Deborah Cater
fire in Estepona was arson
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ESTEPONA – There are clear indications the fire in Sierra Bermeja in southern Spain was intentionally started. The Andalucian president, Juanma Moreno, confirmed this in Estepona from the fire brigade’s command post.

He bases this on information from the fire service. They found the same kind of mounds of green waste, with a pine cone lit with a lighter on top, at the site of both fires. “This data is confirmed and comes from the official investigation.”

Moreno then had a clear message for the instigators of the disaster. ‘That they know that we will catch them. That could take a month, two months, or a year, but we’ll find them. If they listen to me, they won’t sleep well tonight, tomorrow night and not for the next six months because we will hunt them and they will be brought to justice,” the president said.

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Thanked the evacuees for their understanding

Moreno expressed his appreciation for all 1054 civilians who were evacuated for their patience and cooperation. He underlined these types of preventive actions are only carried out so as not to risk human lives.

In addition, Juan Sánchez, Director of the Regional Operational Center (COR) revealed  the environment of the ‘Pinsapar’ (forest with Spanish firs), a place of high heritage value, was not affected by the flames.


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