Foreigners take over the province of Malaga

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foreigners in Malaga province

PROVINCE OF MALAGA – The number of foreigners in the province of Malaga has tripled in 20 years. The number of registered foreign residents has grown enormously, not only in the small villages, but also in the capital Malaga.

Today, the number of foreign residents in all Málaga cities is higher than 20 years ago, but in some places the growth is even remarkable.

Since 2003, the number of foreigners in, for example, the village of Arenas in the Axarquía region has grown by 930%. In Benadalid, in the west of the province of Malaga, by 800% and Tolox shows a growth of 782%. These are all incredibly high percentages. Although these villages are relatively small, the percentage can quickly increase due to the small number of inhabitants.

Malaga and Marbella

But Malaga, the capital of the province, shows a growth of 185% and in the fashionable seaside resort of Marbella the number of registered foreigners has even doubled. Please note, however, these are only foreigners who are registered with the municipality. The actual percentage is even higher. There are many foreigners who live in Spain all or most of the year, but have not registered there.

Rich foreigners

Benahavís is a village with mainly luxury villas. It borders Marbella and is therefore popular with wealthy foreigners. Currently, 61.6% of Benahavis residents are non-Hispanic, compared to 47% twenty years ago. There are more cities where the percentage of foreigners is higher than 40%, such as Alcaucín (42%), Cómpeta (47%), Sayalonga (45%) and Viñuela (42%).

Cogesa Expats


There are also municipalities where a decline in the percentage of foreign residents is visible. This is the case with Mijas (from 38% to 32%) and Torremolinos (from 24% to 19%). In Benalmadena the percentage has remained the same at 25%. Nevertheless, there is still a growth in the number of people, simply because the total number of inhabitants has grown.

Expectation for the future

It is expected that the number of inhabitants of the province of Malaga will continue to grow and with it the number of foreigners. The province of Malaga is becoming increasingly international because it has become attractive for multinationals to establish themselves here. They in turn attract foreign workers. But this area is also more international because of the many retirees who live here, mainly British, Germans and Scandinavians.


The challenge lies mainly with the foreigners who are attracted by paradise on the Costa del Sol. They must integrate into the local community. In addition, they should learn Spanish for better interaction with the locals

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