DGT launches special campaign for van safety during Black Friday week

by Lorraine Williamson
Black Friday DGT campaign

In response to the surge in daily shipments during the Black Friday celebrations, Spain’s Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has initiated a week-long intensive surveillance campaign focused on vans.

The campaign aims to address various aspects related to the road safety of vans, as these vehicles play a crucial role in the substantial increase of daily deliveries, reaching 4.6 million during this bustling shopping week.

Rising incidents and fatalities

The need for heightened vigilance is underscored by the concerning statistics from 2022. These revealed a 7% increase in traffic accidents involving vans compared to the previous year. Even more alarming is the 30% rise in fatalities related to these accidents. These figures signal a pressing concern for the safety of both van occupants and others on the road.

Speeding issues persist

In 2022, speeding remained the most common traffic violation, with a staggering 20% increase in the number of drivers reported for exceeding speed limits. Excessive speed continues to be a major contributor to accidents involving vans, prompting authorities to address this persistent issue.

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Vans and e-commerce boom

Vans, primarily regarded as essential tools for commerce, have become even more crucial in the wake of the e-commerce boom. As online shopping experiences unprecedented growth, vans have become the preferred mode of transport for the majority of deliveries. This week, with Black Friday on the horizon, delivery companies estimate a peak of 4.6 million daily shipments, underscoring the vital role vans play in the modern economy.

Safety campaign details

The DGT’s special Black Friday campaign, running until November 26, involves checkpoints established across various road types, particularly on conventional routes known for higher accident rates. These checkpoints will also be strategically placed near shopping centres, industrial zones, and loading/unloading areas. Officers from the Guardia Civil Traffic Division and participating Local Police departments will conduct inspections, focusing on several key safety aspects.

Key safety checks include:

  • Speed limits can be different from cars
  • Documentation scrutiny for both vehicle and driver
  • Proper loading and weight distribution
  • Checking for the presence of alcohol and/or drugs in drivers
  • Ensuring compliance with Vehicle Technical Inspection

Distinct challenges of van driving

It is essential to recognise that driving a van is distinct from driving a car, despite both being covered by the same driving license. Vans possess unique dynamic characteristics and usage patterns that differentiate them from other vehicles, impacting both driving experience and accident rates. This campaign underlines the importance of understanding and addressing these differences for enhanced road safety.

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