Cold and wet in Spain from next weekend

by Lorraine Williamson
cold and wet weather ahead

WEATHER – The pleasant autumn weather will remain almost everywhere until Friday. Then we will see the start of some cold and wet weather.

After a number of warm weeks for the time of year, the month of October will end with rain. When all of Spain is free next Monday, November 1, due to All Souls’ Day, almost the entire country can count on heavy rain and low temperatures. 

The cold and wet weather will continue during the first few days of November, but before that, a fresh autumn will seem to dawn in Spain. According to the Spanish weather service Aemet, it will first be pleasant autumn weather in most of Spain until Thursday. Only in Cantabria, the north of Catalonia, and on the Balearic Islands, a shower may occur. 

Significantly colder from Friday 

On Tuesday, temperatures will be between 16 and 20 degrees in the northern half of Spain. But in the south the temperature could rise to about 25 degrees. This stable weather will continue in most of Spain until Friday. However, from then on, this will change. And the rainy area will also move into the interior of Spain, especially in the western half. The daytime temperature will drop significantly from then on. 

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DANA on the way but no bad weather expected 

Furthermore, be prepared for a coming DANA (an isolated depression in high air layers) with lots of rain.  But according to Aemet spokesman Rubén del Campo it will not be too turbulent. Because, currently, there is too little supply of moist wind from the Mediterranean Sea for this. 

Wet weekend all over Spain 

The first rain will reach the interior of Spain late Thursday evening. It will rain from then on, especially in Galicia, Cantabria, the northern part of the Spanish plateau and the north of Extremadura. Saturday will be a rainy day throughout Spain with a lot of rainfall in Galicia and western Castile and León. It will also remain cold and wet in most of Spain on Sunday. 

On the free Monday of November 1, the rain will still be around for large parts of Spain, according to Aemet. And, by this point, the warm weather of this long summer seems to be over. 

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