Significant weather change in Spain according to weather service Aemet

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change in weather

After a period of relative peace and spring-like days, Spain is on the eve of a major change in the weather. The Spanish meteorological service AEMET warns of the return of winter on Thursday.

The weather change brings rain, snow, rough seas, intense winds and a significant drop in temperatures.

Return of winter

Although it will not be a so-called ‘ola de frío’ (cold wave), the expected temperature drop is striking because we have become accustomed to the relative warmth. Recently, temperatures have again been exceptionally high for this time of year. That was the result of a blocking high-pressure area that kept the depressions and fronts at bay. Now, however, the changes will be ushered in by the polar jet stream.

Polar jet stream

The polar jet stream, a powerful air current that distributes heat and cold across the planet, will intensify. The jet stream descends in latitude and then forms a large loop that will cross the Iberian Peninsula from north to south. As a result, Spain will experience an intense storm, driven by strong northerly winds. An Atlantic depression brings rain everywhere in the north and the Balearic Islands. The south of the peninsula may receive less precipitation.

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Not a cold wave, but still cold

The expectation is not that a cold wave is coming, but “normal or slightly colder temperatures than usual”. According to Roberto Granda, a leading expert on temperatures in Spain, this “normality” feels cold after a winter that has been too warm so far.


The good news considering the ‘scanty’ snow season so far is that it will snow again in the higher areas. More interestingly, by moving the high-pressure area, the polar jet stream makes it easier for other storms to reach the peninsula. If the models are correct, Storm Louis could form by the end of the week. This could develop into an impactful depression with consequences for Spain.

This change in weather marks an abrupt end to the spring-like conditions in Spain in recent days. It’s a reminder that winter isn’t over yet.

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