Aemet warns of rain and snow in Valencia and Castellón

by Lorraine Williamson
rain and snow

VALENCIA – A very cold air mass of polar origin entered Spain on Monday, bringing large amounts of rain and even snow and a “sharp drop” in temperatures, according to the weather agency’s (AEMET) forecast update. 

This weather change is due to the arrival of a High-Level Isolated Depression (DANA) in the north of the peninsula. It originates from high latitudes, which will develop into a cold storm in the coming days, isolated from general circulation. 

Code yellow

For example, the Valencian Community will remain maximum on a weather code yellow this Monday. In the afternoon, localised heavy showers are expected in the northern half and other points along the coast. The situation is expected to last until Tuesday and possibly even Friday in parts of the northern interior. 

Emergency service 112 has even initiated the pre-emergency protocol due to the orange rain level (major risk) in Castellón. 

According to Aemet’s forecast, it will be cloudy on Monday. Then, the snow line will drop to º1,200 to 1,600 metres in the northern third of the Autonomous Community. 

Chance of heavy rain on Tuesday 

The warning extends to the north coast of Castellón, where storms and accumulated precipitation of 80 l/m2 are expected in 12 hours on both Monday and Tuesday, but significant rain will also fall in the north and south of the interior and the south coast of Castellón and north coast of Valencia, where on Monday and Tuesday 20 l/m2 of rain is forecast in one hour, with storms between noon and midnight on both days between 60 and 80 l/m2. 

There is also a warning of 20 l/m2 of rain for Monday and Tuesday in the northern and southern interior of Castellón, where there will also be above 1,000 meters of snow up to 4 centimetres on Tuesday. 

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