Region of Valencia wants to introduce Covid pass

by Lorraine Williamson
introduce Covid pass to Valencia region

VALENCIA – The Valencia region could introduce the mandatory Covid pass at the beginning of December, before the long weekend ‘Puente de Diciembre‘. This was confirmed by the president of the Generalitat Ximo Puig on Monday.

The Covid certificate must be displayed in locations with a large influx of public. On Monday, Puig indicated “in these days we are in the process of submitting a proposal to the Supreme Court. Moreover, I hope the court will be consulted in the coming days.” 

In fact, the Generalitat’s legal profession has already received the draft resolution drafted by the Ministry of Health to fine-tune the proposal and submit it to the court “soon” to gain the support of the judges. 

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Guarantees greatest possible safety

Furthermore, “The point is, the certificate guarantees the greatest possible safety in closed areas. And in places where it is more difficult to keep the distance or wear the mask. This is absolutely mandatory in closed areas. And necessary in open areas where there is the possibility of contact beyond a reasonable distance,” Puig said. He added, “vaccination has been the fundamental asset. However, the importance of the mask in containing the pandemic should not be underestimated. And we are going to try to target the remaining population and persuade them to get vaccinated.” 

Vaccination of children under 12 years 

The president stressed the mandatory nature of the Covid certificate will come into effect “before the Puente de la Constitución”. This is the long weekend celebrated around Constitution Day on December 6. He also referred to the vaccination of children under 11 years of age. In this regard, the regional president indicated that “child vaccination is currently being studied by experts and this is a decision that should be made on a scientific basis. We are prepared that if this happens, we will be able to vaccinate as many children as possible as soon as possible, but objectively it can only happen when scientific support and all guarantees are in place,” emphasised Puig. 

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