11 most wanted UK criminals thought to be in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
11 most wanted

The 12 most wanted UK fugitives thought to be in Spain were highlighted by a Crimestoppers campaign in January of this year. Since then, 2 men have been arrested. But now, one more wanted criminal has been added to the list. Consequently, there are now 11 most wanted. These men are still out there!

At the beginning of January, Crimestoppers launched a campaign to capture 12 of the most wanted UK fugitives thought to be in Spain. After only a matter of days, two of these men were arrested. Ten were then remaining on the wanted list. However, now a further name has been added making the most wanted now 11.

Alex Male

Alex Male - now there are 11 most wanted fugitivesMale is wanted in Southwest England for trafficking in controlled drugs, money laundering, and conspiring to acquire a firearm. He is alleged to be a regional distributor of drugs across the southwest of England. And of the buying and selling drugs and managing other distributors working under his instruction and using the EncroChat encrypted communications network. He is also accused of conspiracy to supply cocaine and ketamine. Futhermore, he is suspected of money laundering, and conspiracy to acquire a firearm.

Male is approximately 6 feet tall, around mid to late 20s, and is thought to be in the Marbella area. He has a number of distinctive tattoos including a skull on his neck and a full sleeve on his left arm with a family tree. He also has a full tribal sleeve tattoo on his right arm going onto his chest with an angel on his back. ‘Love’ is tattooed on his left hand along with a swallow and he has three stars tattooed on his left wrist.  ‘Live’ is tattooed on his right hand.

11 most wanted UK criminals in Spain

Alex Male has been added to the list of the UK´s most wanted criminals thought to be living in Spain. Crimestoppers launched a campaign at the start of the year to raise awareness and arrest these fugitives. Originally there were 12 men wanted. Very quickly 2 of them were recognised because of the campaign and subsequently arrested. That left 10 remaining. However, Alex Male has now been added to the list meaning there are now 11 most wanted!

What to do if you recognise any of these men

If you have a UK phone, call 0800 555 111. If you have a Spanish phone, call 900 926 111. You can also go to the Crimestoppers website, and complete their online form. All of these options can be anonymous.

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