Most wanted – 10 criminals are still out there

by Lorraine Williamson
UK fugitives most wanted - 10 still out there

At the beginning of the year, we published an article on the top 12 most wanted UK criminals thought to be hiding in Spain. Shortly after, two were apprehended. However, we must not forget, there are still 10 out there!

On the first day after the campaign was launched

Just the day after Crimestoppers began the campaign, they announced 30-year-old Joshua Hendry was arrested in San Pedro, Marbella. Furthermore, it was an off-duty police officer that recognised him as a result of the campaign. The 30-year-old is an alleged drug trafficker, and is suspected of trafficking heroin and cocaine from Liverpool for distribution. 

Two weeks later

A second fugitive was arrested around 2 weeks after the start of the campaign. However, he was arrested in the Netherlands, not in Spain where he was originally suspected to be living.  James Stevenson (known as Jamie) was arrested while out jogging. The 56-year-old was from Rutherglen in Glasgow and was wanted by Police Scotland. He is suspected of two arson attacks on Scottish properties in Lanarkshire and Forth Valley during 2020. He was wanted by the National Crime Agency (NCA) after the seizure of roughly one tonne of cocaine and 28 million street Valium tablets (Etizolam). The shipment was found waiting to leave the port of Dover in June 2020.

Still 10 out there

Pictured from top to bottom and from left to right. These are the 10 fugitives still out there.

Benjamin MacCann - one of the 10 still out there

Benjamin MacCann

The 41-year-old is suspected of drug trafficking in the Norfolk area of the UK. He is wanted for conspiracy to supply cocaine. It is thought he could be in the Barcelona area.


Jack Mayle

Jack Mayle - 10 most wanted


This man is wanted for drug trafficking in South London and Surrey.  He is wanted for his involvement in the supply of MDMA, methylphenidate (a pharmaceutical drug), and diazepam.  Allegedly, he ran a drug line in South London and Surrey called the Flavour Quest. He also worked with a dark web drug dealer buying and selling drugs. Furthermore, they sold LSD and various pharmaceutical medications. There is a chance this man could be in the Marbella area.



Callum Halpin - one of the 10Callum Halpin

Halpin is wanted for murder. He is suspected in connection with the murder of Luke Graham and the attempted murder of Anton Verigotta. He was allegedly one of three men who took part in the murder in the Manchester area. Halpin is in his mid-20s and is approximately 6 feet tall.


Asim Naveed

Asim Naveed - still out there



Naveed is suspected of being involved in a criminal organisation trafficking class A drugs. He is thought to have brought these drugs to Cardiff with the intent to supply.



John James Jones - one of the 10 still out thereJohn James Jones

This man is suspected of wounding with intent. Along with a co-accused, they allegedly assaulted two people in Ormskirk, Lancashire by stabbing them numerous times with a knife causing serious injuries. Seemingly, Jones fled the UK in the immediate aftermath. Furthermore, there was information indicating he stayed at a hotel in Madrid the night following the stabbings. However, he left the next morning. Currently, he is suspected of being in Ibiza.

Cogesa Expats


Callum Michael Allan

Callum Michael Allen Known also as Callum ALLAN, Calum Michael ALLEN, Callum ALLEN, Ginger, Ginge, he is wanted for trafficking of controlled drugs in the Northumbria area.  He is wanted for twelve alleged offences which include: Possession with intent to supply Class A (heroin), supply Class A (cocaine), possession of cannabis, assaulting an emergency worker, affray, and dangerous driving.

In 2019 police raided a house they suspected he was using to deal drugs. Allan assaulted two police officers at the scene. He was in possession of 113.29 grams of heroin. Allan was subsequently charged and appeared at court in April 2020. Here he was given unconditional bail. However, he failed to return.

He is thought to be somewhere in Costa del Sol.

Dean Garforth - still wanted

Dean Garforth

Garforth is wanted for the supply of class A and B drugs as well as conspiracy to sell firearms/ammunition. He is allegedly involved in a well-established Organised Crime Group which supplies significant quantities of cocaine and cannabis. He is also thought to be involved in trading firearms and ammunition. 


Mark Francis Roberts

Mark Roberts - one of the 10 still out there

The 29-year-old from Liverpool is wanted in connection with the Grievous Bodily Harm(GBH) and attempted robbery of a man’s £60,000 Richard Mille watch. The victim was attacked by two men with knives in 2016 after he parked his car on the driveway of his home. However, the victim refused to surrender his watch. Consequently, he was so badly injured he suffered life-threatening injuries and was treated in  ICU for puncture wounds, a collapsed lung, and multiple lacerations. The victim heard one of the attackers say he’d cut himself in the attack. This is what lead to the fugitive being identified as his blood was later confirmed as being at the crime scene.

Oppong - still wanted


Nana Kwaku Nsiah Oppong

Oppong is thought to be in the Marbella area of Spain. The 42-year-old from London is wanted for a murder carried out in Essex on an alleged rival gang member. Oppong allegedly drove to a party where his victim, Powell was present and shot him eight times with a 9mm pistol. 

Oppong has two circular scars above the right eye, a small scar on his left ring finger and on his middle finger, another small scar on the centre at the back of his left hand, and a 3cm scar on his stomach near the naval.


Calvin Parris

Parris - 10 are still out there


Parris, from Cardiff, is of medium build and is in his early to mid 30s. He is wanted for the supply of class A drugs. Furthermore, one of his teeth at the top is gold.




Report these men

Crimestoppers urge anyone with information on any of these fugitives to contact them immediately. This can be done anonymously on 0800 555 111 from a UK phone, or from a Spanish phone, call 900 926 111. 

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