5 arrested for murder in Más de las Matas

by Lorraine Williamson
murder suspects arrested

TERUEL – The Guardia Civil has successfully dismantled a criminal organisation, apprehending 5 individuals for their involvement in a murder that took place on July 21st in Más de las Matas. Additionally, 2 other individuals were arrested for offenses related to public health.

During this operation, three marijuana plantations located near the Santolea Reservoir in Teruel were also dismantled. These plantations collectively housed around 5,000 marijuana plants, along with a significant quantity of dried plants and buds.


The incident occurred on July 21st when a vehicle with a French license plate dropped off two individuals with multiple stab wounds at the Health Centre in Más de las Matas (Teruel). The vehicle left the scene with three occupants. Tragically, one of the wounded men succumbed to his injuries. Meanwhile the other was transported with severe wounds to the Miguel Servet Hospital in Zaragoza.

Concurrently, on the night of July 21st-22nd, another individual with similar injuries was found in the town of Castellote (Teruel). This person was also associated with a vehicle bearing a French license plate. This man was taken by ambulance to the Health Centre in Más de las Matas. He was later transferred to the Miguel Servet Hospital in Zaragoza.


As a result of thorough investigations, the Civil Guard located the vehicle that had dropped off the deceased victim and one of the seriously injured individuals at the Health Centre, on the A-226 road (Más de las Matas – Castellote). Consequently, the three occupants of the vehicle were apprehended.

Furthermore, the investigations revealed a connection between these French-registered vehicles and an ongoing inquiry initiated in March concerning three marijuana plantations situated near the Santolea Reservoir in the vicinity of Castellote (Teruel). These plantations were allegedly managed and guarded by a faction of the arrested individuals.

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Marijuana plantations raids

For this reason, the Civil Guard proceeded to raid the three marijuana plantations and their living areas. One individual, responsible for one of the plantations and found residing in a makeshift camp, was apprehended. Simultaneously, another individual, alerted by the police action, attempted to flee from a nearby plantation but was subsequently detained in the neighbouring town of Torres del Mercader.

During the search, investigators discovered a location adjacent to the plantations, which appeared to be a potential parking area for vehicles accessing the sites. This area yielded biological traces, including blood, which could be linked to and compatible with a physical altercation.

Albanian males

Among the seven apprehended individuals, both the deceased and the injured, all are Albanian males ranging in age from 30 to 50 years.

Five of the detainees are facing charges of murder and serious bodily harm. One also faces charges related to public health, along with the other two who were arrested for the same offense.

This operation was executed by the Alcañiz Roca Team (Teruel). The related proceedings, along with the detained individuals, have been submitted to the Alcañiz Instruction Court No. 2.

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