Major cocaine bust in Algeciras: 518 kilos seized, seven traffickers arrested

by Lorraine Williamson
518 kilos seized

In a joint operation between the Policia Nacional and the Guardia Civil, conducted within the framework of the Special Security Plan for the Campo de Gibraltar region, law enforcement successfully intervened in the trafficking of 518 kilos of cocaine in Algeciras, Cádiz.

The operation resulted in the arrest of seven individuals allegedly involved in the illicit trade.

The operation unfolded following an international cooperation alert about a container that had made a stop in Panama. There were suspicions of possible contamination through the blind hook or rip-off method. This is where narcotics are introduced into a shipment without the knowledge of the companies involved in sending and receiving legal goods. The container was destined for the Port of Algeciras.


Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil agents established surveillance around the container to intercept those responsible for extracting the narcotics. The container was eventually moved to an industrial estate in Algeciras. Here, the criminals monitored the area for any signs of police presence. Furthermore, they implemented counter-surveillance measures around the location containing the illicit substances.

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As the suspects were in the process of extracting the drugs from the container, the police decided to intervene. Six individuals were apprehended while transporting a total of nine bundles, containing approximately 518 kilos of cocaine distributed in 450 tablets. Simultaneously, one of the vehicles intended for use as a “cargo car” attempted to flee the scene, engaging in reckless maneuvers. However, the police intercepted it shortly afterward.


In total, seven individuals were arrested in connection with the drug shipment. In addition to seizing 518 kilos of cocaine, two high-end vehicles were also confiscated, one of which was intended to be used as the “cargo car.”

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