Police dismantle Albanian drug trafficking ring in Valencia, seizing over 820 kilograms of cocaine

Operation Alianza-Colaborazione: A twelve-month investigation results in 17 arrests, cash seizures, and the disruption of a sophisticated criminal network

by Lorraine Williamson
Albanian cocaine trafficking ring dismantled

The Policía Nacional have successfully dismantled one of the most active Albanian criminal organisations operating in the province of Valencia. The group, allegedly specialising in international cocaine trafficking in the Spanish Levante, was known for its extensive network of contacts in Latin America, Europe, and Dubai.

The operation, named Alianza-Colaborazione, spanned twelve months and culminated in the arrest of 17 individuals, including the group’s leader.

Albanian cocaine trafficking ring

The investigation, initiated in early 2023, uncovered a criminal organisation led by Albanian citizens based in Valencia. The Albanian group was allegedly involved in large-scale cocaine trafficking and money laundering activities. The organisation’s leader, managed multiple businesses with registered offices in Spain, utilising high-end vehicles for transportation.

Car wash

The criminal network’s structure and key locations, including luxurious residences and industrial warehouses in various parts of Valencia, were identified. Furthermore, the organisation used a car wash as its nerve centre. Crucial meetings were held there to distribute roles and issue instructions to its members.

The three-phase Operation Alianza-Colaborazione reached a pivotal moment in July of the previous year when two vehicles associated with the organisation were intercepted in L’Eliana, Valencia. Upon inspection, each vehicle was found to conceal “caletas” containing a total of 100 packages of cocaine. The drivers, with influence in the Murcia region, were apprehended for their role as “couriers” facilitating the transportation and delivery of narcotics to other drug trafficking groups.

Cogesa Expats

High-speed chase

In a separate incident in September, a high-speed chase ensued after a vehicle from the criminal group attempted to flee, injuring officers in the process. The vehicle, abandoned a few kilometres away, was discovered to contain 50 kilograms of cocaine. Consequently, this forced the organisation to temporarily suspend its illicit activities for security reasons and undergo a restructuring.

Furthermore, in January of this year, suspicious activity involving a van and a vehicle linked to the investigated organisation was observed in Benicassim. Following a pursuit, the van attempted to evade law enforcement, endangering road users in the process. The driver was apprehended, and 320 kilograms of cocaine were found hidden in cardboard boxes inside the van. Simultaneously, the two occupants of the accompanying vehicle were also arrested. In a parallel operation, agents arrested two other members of the organisation who had delivered the seized drugs in Benicassim.

Raids and seizures

Then, the final phase of the operation involved eight raids on residences and locations used by the criminal network. Among the significant seizures were an additional 350 kilograms of cocaine found in one residence and over €200,000 in cash in another. The organisation’s high level of sophistication was evident in the confiscation of advanced electronic devices, including GPS and microphone inhibitors used to thwart tracking and eavesdropping.


All arrested individuals have been brought before the judiciary, and their detention in prison has been ordered.

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