Two criminal organisations dismantled

by Lorraine Williamson
criminal organisations
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ANDALUCIA – In a joint operation the Guardia Civil and Polica Nacional have dismantled the merger of the two most important criminal organisations in Campo de Gibraltar and Seville.

Fifty-one members of the gangs have been arrested. The criminal organisations are drug traffickers and money launderers in Cádiz and Sevilla. The organisations were headed by two important drug traffickers. Allegedly they were considering working together which would have given them even more power.


More than 10,000 kilos of hashish were seized. Also in the raid, they found stolen vehicles, firearms, 8 drug boats, 12,000 litres of petrol, and €180,000 in cash.

The investigation began just over 2 years ago in March 2020. Police in La Línea had identified an individual who was circulating with a large amount of nautical material used in drug boats, as well as a significant amount of money hidden in his vehicle.


Following this lead, the police then found out that the main leader of an organisation in the La Línea area had decided to connect with another well-known criminal organisation in Seville. This was due to the strong police presence in the area. The criminal gang in Seville was led by a man with a long history of drug trafficking. He was also a specialist in introducing large quantities of drugs through the Guadalquivir River.

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Transport of drugs

Both organisations had a large logistics network, using semi-rigid boats to transport drugs and equipment to industrial warehouses located in different locations in Seville and Córdoba.  


The launching of the boats was carried out under the supervision of the men of the Seville clan. They had firearms, bulletproof vests, electroshock weapons and other items to safeguard their operations. Then, the boats went to Morocco, where they produced the narcotics. Following this, the drugs were brought to the Spanish coasts, by means of the disembarkation or stashing method on the beach.

 Gang members identified

After the investigation, it was possible to determine the location of the organisation’s ships, as well as the trucks and trailers used to transport the boats and engines. Furthermore, it was possible to identify the vast majority of those involved from both criminal organisations.


As a result of these efforts, in November of last year, the investigators intercepted a shipment of 3,500 kilos of hashish on the beaches of Huelva. One of the organisation’s boats was taken by surprise as they tried to unload the narcotic substance in Lepe. Seven people were arrested at that time.


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