Wanted in France, arrested in Marbella

by Lorraine Williamson
arrested in Marbella

TMALAGA – The Guardia Civil arrested a 36-year-old French national in Marbella. He was a fugitive from Marseille in France and had an International Arrest and Surrender Order (OIDE) out against him since 2019. The man was wanted for being part of a criminal organisation, drug trafficking, and money laundering. He had been sentenced to 6 years in prison.

The fugitive had already been arrested in September 2021 by the Portuguese authorities because of the warrant out against him. However, he managed to escape from the detention centre while his real identity was being verified. He had produced fake documents at the time of his arrest.

Police alerted in Spain

Subsequently, the French and Portuguese authorities alerted the Guardia Civil as to the possible presence of this man in Spain.

From then, the Guardia Civil began to follow the trail of different people related to the now detainee, until finally, and after several months of discreet surveillance on different objectives, one of them caught the attention of the agents by making continuous movements between Spain and Portugal. Specifically, to the municipality of Marbella in Málaga. This person was seemingly the love partner of the fugitive.

Arrested in Marbella

The continuous monitoring of this person occurred a few weeks ago when the agents observed how both people met in the parking lot of a commercial area in Marbella. At that time, the agents identified them and corroborated by physical examination without any doubt the identity of the suspect. Therefore, he was immediately arrested.

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Task force

The main task of this Team is focused on carrying out the necessary steps to locate, in Spain and abroad, people who have fled from justice to serve sentences or other procedural measures. This is both by Spanish judicial authorities and by foreign judicial authorities in the case of individuals located in Spanish territory. The majority being cases of special interest involving people with a high criminal profile.

Police collaboration, both nationally and internationally, is a fundamental pillar for this Team. Consequently, providing collaboration to other countries through information exchanges via existing homologous units in international police forces and agencies in matters of fugitives is paramount.

List of “most wanted” in different countries

Throughout this year, the Fleeing from Justice Team has completed the location and arrest of several people, both at the request of national and international authorities.

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Another relevant arrest of great police interest was that of Fredy Castillo Carrillo, alias “Pinocho”, a Colombian citizen claimed by the National Court as part of an extradition process requested by the Colombian authorities for crimes of homicide and for being part of important guerrilla groups such as “Los Pachencas” or the “Autodefensas Conquistadores de Sierra Nevada”. He was arrested in January in the Madrid town of Brunete.

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Regarding Spanish citizens, the arrest of Fernando Moreno Sorni stands out. He was wanted by the Provincial Court of Valencia for drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organisation and money laundering. For these crimes he was sentenced in absentia to 19 years in prison, in addition to various cases that are still pending trial.

This is just a small sample of the arrests carried out in 2022. However, several of them have had great relevance in the claimant countries. Consequently, this UCO Team has received various recognitions from foreign institutions and police forces.

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