Baby girl Iratxe is the first Spanish baby of 2023

by Lorraine Williamson
2023 baby

MADRID – It did not take long for the first babies to be born in Spain in the new year 2023. As early as 00.00, a girl named Iratxe, weighing 3.72k (8.2 lbs), came into the world at Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, according to Spain’s health ministry.  

Just a little later, but in Andalucia, Aarón and Alejandro were born in Málaga and Almería respectively. Aarón, came into the world naturally, weighed 4.2k and measured 53 centimetres. And Alejandro weighed 3.405k and came into the world via caesarean section.  

One minute after midnight

The first Catalan baby of 2023 was born at 1 minute after midnight. Zakaria weighed 3.18k. His mother gave birth at the hospital in Girona. At the same time, Diego Gómez García was born, the Valencian Community’s first 2023 baby. He weighed 3.65k. 

Again a little later, at 00:10, the first baby from Murcia in 2023, Jimena, was born at the university hospital. The girl weighed 2.85k. 

The first recorded birth in a public hospital in the Canary Islands was that of Amelia, a girl born at 00:23 at Fuerteventura hospital, weighing 2.89k.  

Babies born after 00.30

The first baby of 2023 in Manzanares (Ciudad Real) in Castilla-La Mancha was Antón. He was born at 00.30, weighing 3.38k. The birth took place at Virgen de Altagracia hospital in Manzanares (Ciudad Real).  

Cogesa Expats

A few minutes later, at 00.36 to be precise, Gabriel was born, the first Cantabrian baby of 2023, weighing 48.5 centimetres and 2.908k. The little boy was born in Laredo hospital, after a natural delivery.  

At 00.40 the first birth in the Basque Country took place at Donostia hospital and was a boy, weighing 3.1k at birth. In Navarre the first registered birth was at 00.41, when a baby boy came into the world in Pamplona.

The first hour of 2023

Mahelet Arias Castro was the first baby born in La Rioja in 2023. She came into the world at 00.54 at San Pedro University Hospital, weighed 3.46k and was 52 centimetres long. At the same time, Lía García Galinova was born, the first girl to be born in Castilla y León this year this year. She saw the light of day in Zamora and weighed 2.82k. The first Galician baby Aitana was born at 1.02 in Santiago de Compostela and weighed 3.54k. 

In the Balearic Islands, the first baby named Romeo was born in 2023. That was at 01.45 at Can Misses hospital in Ibiza. He weighed 3.650k. Ainara was The first baby to see the light of day in Aragon in 2023. The girl, weighing 3.32k, was born at Obispo Polanco hospital in Teruel.  

After 02.00

Later, at 02.16, Leyla, a premature girl from Extremadura, was born at San Pedro de Alcántara hospital in Cáceres.  

Dylan López Arias was the first Asturian baby of 2023 when he was born at 02.42 at Hospital Universitario San Agustín (Avilés), weighing 3.348k and 51 centimetres. 

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