One of Sweden’s most wanted drug criminals was arrested in Torremolinos

by Lorraine Williamson
Swedish most wanted arrested in Torremolinos

TORREMOLINOS – Another fugitive on the Costa del Sol has ended up in the hands of the police. This time, he was from Sweden but arrested in Torremolinos. It is the usual story, they flee the authorities in their country and end up on the coast of Málaga. They usually lead a luxurious life there. 

They are protected by the discretion, the anonymity that the high standard of living of many foreigners brings them. But the investigative services do not stop looking to end their hidden stay and to ensure they can still be punished for their actions. 

Arrested in Torremolinos

Now it was the turn of one of Sweden’s most wanted drug-trafficking fugitives. He was arrested last Wednesday in the southern Spanish resort of Torremolinos (Málaga). A European Arrest and Surrender Warrant (OEDE) had been issued against the most wanted of 25 years old. 

The location and arrest of this fugitive were deemed of utmost importance to the Scandinavian country. The Swedish criminal was listed in the European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams (ENFAST) as one of the most wanted by authorities from Sweden. 

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Agents of the Spanish National Police were able to trace the location of this fugitive and arrest him on the afternoon of October 26. Through ENFAST, the National Police was aware of this criminal’s alleged stay in Spain. He was intercepted near his home around 6.35 pm. After verifying his identity and the validity of the European Arrest and Surrender Warrant, the police arrested him and transferred him to the police headquarters. 

In addition, as indicated in the indictment, the latest generation mobile phone that he had with him when he was arrested was seized. The order issued by Sweden expressly requested the removal of any electronic communication device belonging to the drug trafficker. 

The arrested Swede has been made available to the Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the National Supreme Court. He will decide on his extradition to Sweden. 

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