Three arrested in Nueva Andalucia, Marbella

by Lorraine Williamson
Nueva Andalucia arrests

MALAGA – According to eyewitness reports, 3 men were arrested this morning in the Nueva Andalucia area of Marbella.

Armed police with the aid of the Fire Department, were able to use a crane to arrest one of the gang members. Because he tried to escape using the balconies of the apartment block the arrests were made in. The man swung from the fifth floor, to the fourth before being arrested at gun point on the ground of the third-floor terrace.

Kidnapping in Torremolinos

As reported by La Opinión de Málaga, the three were arrested for an allegedly kidnapping back in January in the Torremolinos area. However, seemingly, they kidnapped the man mistaking him for someone else.  Although, once they realised their error, they released the victim from their car.

Arrested in Nueva Andalucia

At around 10.00 am this morning, La Policia Nacional were on the scene at an apartment building in Nueva Andalucia. Furthermore, according to reports their investigation into the failed kidnapping led them to the apartment.

On searching the property, the agents found a firearm, €30,000 in cash, 3 kilograms of marijuana, 100 grams of hashish, 4 frequency inhibitors, 2 telephones satellite, 2 vehicles and a high-end watch.

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