Marbella kidnapping arrests made

by Lorraine Williamson
seized after Marbella kidnapping arrests - image from Policia Nacional Twitter

MALAGA – In an official Policia Nacional Tweet, they advised yesterday that twelve people had been detained by the @policia for their alleged participation in the kidnapping of a man in Marbella who was kept against his will and tortured for five days in Coín.

The incident happened in September when the captors took the man. Allegedly, he was involved in a major drug theft, for which the captors wanted revenge.


According to reports from the victim was kept in a remote farm in Coín where he was tortured and deprived of sleep. They then demanded a ransom of €1.5 million for his release. Seemingly, therefore, this amount was to compensate for the drug shipment that was stolen from the captors.

The kidnapping was reported to the local Marbella Police Station by an acquaintance of the victim. Furthermore, they were told the man was kidnapped by five men wearing hoods and carrying guns.

Police investigators traced the gang of drug traffickers to Marbella, Coín, Benalmádena and Ceuta. Moreover, according to reports, they have long records of violent crimes, homicide, drug trafficking, and possession of weapons.

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The police located the house in Coín where the man was being held. They found him to have sleep deprivation and hypothermia as ice packs had been placed all over his body.

According to the police, the gang comprised of individuals who specialised in locating and capturing targets who went against their “business” interests. To do this, they used technology, location devices, frequency jammers, spy cameras, and drones.


The police investigation continued as they used similar techniques to track the gang. As a result, they were able to arrest 12 people and seize computers, a laptop, and tablet, mobiles, as well as various spyware items and products used to make copies of keys.

There were also ski masks, surveillance equipment, high-end watches, and over €6,000 in cash, plus 3 vehicles.

Of the 12 people arrested, so far 4 are already in prison.

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