This is how Torremolinos blasts new life into outdated hotels

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outdated hotels

The tourist attraction Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol is giving outdated hotels a new life. After extensive adjustments, some hotels are now suitable for housing their new inhabitants.

An example is the former Los Álamos hotel. It has been vacant for a decade. This symbol of the tourist boom in the 1970s is now making way for a much more modern living concept.

From tourist hotspot to digital hub

The project for the redevelopment of the Los Álamos hotel complex has been given the green light. The developer Nuovit Corporate will demolish the old complex to make way for ‘Oceanika’. This project will house 180 apartments for digital nomads. “Our city has the ambition to attract talent and specialised professionals. I am convinced that once settled in Torremolinos, they will not only want to live here, but also want to be part of our community,” said Margarita del Cid, Mayor of Torremolinos.

Innovative living and working under one roof

The ‘Oceanika’ project will cover an area of 15,500 square metres. This will house 180 private apartments with one or two bedrooms. This represents 36% of the supply of this type of accommodation in the city. In addition to private areas, the complex will also include communal areas. There will be two swimming pools, sports facilities, a gym, coworking spaces and green areas. This makes the complex an ideal place for digital nomads to both work and live. It promotes cooperation and synergy between residents.

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Answer to growing demand

The Costa del Sol, and Málaga in particular, has become a popular destination for digital nomads. This is mainly due to the pleasant climate and good infrastructure. The demand for housing has caused house prices in Málaga to rise by 15.5% in the past year. This trend is now also happening in Torremolinos. Coliving is becoming an increasingly attractive option for people who regularly change their place of residence. Some do that every few weeks, others stay somewhere for a few years. They usually have a high income. “This development reflects the need for new housing models in Málaga. Especially given the shortage of rental properties and increasing demand in the short, medium and long term,” says José Félix Pérez-Peña, director of Savills Andalucia.

Sustainable and modern

The developers are transforming the old hotel with a focus on materials and design. They make optimal use of natural light by ‘stacking’ the apartments. Preference is given to wood finishing to reduce the ecological footprint. The new complex will be operational at the end of 2025. Habyt will manage it. This company specialises in the management of similar coliving spaces throughout Spain.

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