Working in Spain from the UK: the top choice for remote work among Britons

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A recent study by Nebeus revealed that an increasing number of British professionals are choosing Spain as their preferred destination for remote work. This article explores the reasons behind this trend and analyzes the profile of the British professional who opts for this option.

The study shows that 22% of Britons consider Spain as their favorite destination for remote work, surpassing countries like the United States, France, and Portugal. This interest is largely due to factors such as quality of life, the opportunity to save money, and the attractive Spanish culture.

Profile of the British professional

The profile of the British professional who chooses Spain as a destination for remote work is characterized by being a woman between 25 and 30 years old, usually in a managerial or supervisory role within the private sector. This choice reflects the diversity and appeal of Spain as a remote work location.

Preference for coastal cities

Within Spain, Barcelona stands out as the preferred city, with a 14% preference rate. Additionally, many coastal cities such as Valencia, Alicante, and Malaga are also popular choices. However, some inland cities like Madrid and Seville also attract British professionals.

Working from Spain without changing jobs

The study figures show that 53% of British professionals would be willing to move to Spain if they had the opportunity to do so without changing jobs, compared to 33% who would not consider this option and 14% who do not know what would do.

Unawareness of the digital work visa

A surprising finding from the study is that 89% of British professionals were not aware of the existence of the work visa offered by Spain for digital nomads. Despite this lack of awareness, 56% express interest in using it, highlighting the untapped potential of this option.

Purchasing power and financial considerations

29% of the respondents believe that their purchasing power would be higher in Spain than in the UK. However, 38% are unsure, emphasizing the importance of considering financial aspects when moving abroad. Britons consider financial aspects important when making the decision to move, such as the ease of conducting international transfers, having financial insurance and protections, accessing internationally accepted cards, and having facilities for expatriate loans. This underscores the importance of solid financial planning when working remotely from Spain.

Financial challenges

Respondents mentioned concerns such as healthcare costs, the cost of living, and retirement and savings plans as the main financial challenges they might face when moving and working from another country. Other concerns relate to access to accounts and funds, currency exchange, and access to credits and loans.

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