Spanish passport is the best in the world

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish passport

Travelling is a necessity for many people and almost a priority consumer product since the pandemic. The desire to see the world and share experiences with new cultures has increased, so the recovery of tourism, after the health crisis, has been faster than expected.

But to travel, it is essential to have a passport, and the Spanish passport has shown its worth in 2023. According to VisaGuide.World, the Spanish passport is the most powerful in the world, with a score of 90.36, revealed in December 2023. This is followed by passports from Singapore (previously the number one), Germany, Italy and France to complete the top five in the 2023 list of strongest passports.

Singapore second

By showing a Spanish passport, you can travel to 106 countries. Singapore is second with 90.29 points, despite the fact that its document allows you to visit more countries without a visa, a total of 156. However, this greater ability to travel is partly due to the fact that it is an Asian destination that is visa-free for many of the countries in the area that do require a special entry document for tourists from Europe, including Spaniards.

The ranking not only takes into account the number of countries you can travel to without a visa, but also other indicators that contribute to its strength. For example, a country’s total gross domestic product divided by the number of inhabitants; the combination of a country’s attributes such as leadership, economic and political influence, as well as international alliances and military strength; the number of annual visitors and tourists; and the combination of population characteristics such as life expectancy, health, education and standard of living.

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Unique destination score

The combination of these factors thus generates a unique destination score based on the country’s wealth, strength, attractiveness and well-being. VisaGuide.World explains that to arrive at a single ranking, a value called the Destination Significance Score (DSS) is assigned to each travel destination. The DSS is multiplied by the value of the destination country’s visa requirement for passport holders.

Different elements count

And after this process, it has been concluded that Spain’s passport tops this list in the world in 2023. It is a ranking that makes a difference by weighing elements that enhance the potential of this document by assessing the economic strength of a country; the strength, stability and global influence of the same; the popularity of a particular destination or the happiness and well-being index of its people.

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