Torremolinos bets on traditional shops in the city

by Lorraine Williamson
La Carihuela, Torremolinos

TORREMOLINOS – The municipality of Torremolinos is strongly committed to the renewal and modernisation of the traditional trade in the city. Furthermore, an amount of over €1 million has been earmarked for this. 

The plan of the city council not only aims to create more pleasant and accessible shopping streets but also to train shopkeepers in the field of languages and digital skills. 

This initiative is co-financed by the Recovery Plan of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

One of the planned projects is to improve the accessibility of the Cuesta del Tajo by replacing the current handrails of a staircase. In addition, shade cloths will be placed on the boulevard of La Carihuela. There will also be a so-called ‘climate shelter’, a shady resting place between the shops for visitors who want to take a break. 

The mayor of Torremolinos, Margarita del Cid, explained that more waste collection points will be placed in tourist areas, as well as a greater number of recycling bins. “Where there are lots of stores, there are also lots of people, so it’s important to meet the demand in terms of waste management as well,” she said. 

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Strengthening of competitive position 

Online language courses and digital skills training will be made available to the retailers themselves. Del Cid emphasised the importance of this renewal movement: “This is a step aimed at a radical renewal of commercial activity in Torremolinos, strengthening both aesthetic improvement and competitiveness.” 

The plan will be called ‘Promoting digitization and competitiveness for small businesses in tourist areas’. It also includes investments in tools to improve the promotion of trade in Torremolinos through the city’s tourism website. 

Another crucial tool that will be implemented will provide information about the busiest times and areas, as well as the profile of the customers. This information will help retailers adapt their offerings to identified trends and needs. 

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