These tips will help you avoid a fine while in Spain!

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avoid a fine

Eating and drinking at the wheel, putting your arm out of the window, or driving without a t-shirt on are all banned in Spain. Doing so can result in a hefty fine! Do you want to know how you can avoid this? Then read on!

Before you go on holiday to Spain, look up the rules: this could save you an unnecessary fine. Spanish traffic authority DGT deem all behaviour that distracts the driver’s attention from control on the road is a reason for fining. But, apart from traffic offences, there are other reasons for the Spanish police to give you a fine. We have listed some examples for you: 

Driving with your arm out the window  

Another activity that can be refreshing in hot weather. But don’t do it; sticking your elbow out the window can cost between €80 and €200.  

Getting ready behind the wheel 

It doesn’t matter if there’s a traffic jam or you’re standing at a traffic light, putting on make-up while driving is completely forbidden. And the fine can be as much as €200. 

Losing your ID card three times 

It can be a real problem if you’re a bit absent-minded. Because if you lose your ID card more than three times, you could be fined between €100 and €600. 

Out on the streets in swimwear  

It doesn’t matter if you have just got out of the water and are on your way home, as the bylaws of several municipalities prohibit you from walking the streets in a swimming costume or bikini. This is the case in Barcelona, for example, where you can be fined between €120 and €300. 

Flushing wet wipes down the toilet 

They cause a lot of environmental damage and can also cause blocked pipes. Furthermore, in some places, like Valencia, it is even heavily punished and the fine can reach up to €3,000.  

Refueling with the radio on 

When refueling, the vehicle must be completely switched off, including the radio and lights. The fine can be up to some €200. 

Hitchhiking on motorways 

Hitchhiking on these roads is only allowed for pedestrians in case of an accident, breakdown, or inconvenience. Therefore, hitchhiking is only allowed on national roads. Otherwise, the fine can be up to €80. 

Loud music in the car 

Are you in the habit of playing loud music in the car and singing along at the top of your voice? Then watch out, because if the music is too loud when you are near a hospital or in a residential area, it can cost you between €80 and €100.  

Leaving a piece of furniture on the street 

It seems unbelievable, but it does happen. Most municipal regulations state that it is not allowed and the fine is between €750 and €1,500. 

Driving with covered ears 

It is forbidden to ‘influence your senses’ while driving, so driving with headphones on or with earphones in is not allowed. Wearing a cap or hat that covers your ears while driving can also result in a fine of up to €200. 

Putting a for sale sign on your car 

Do you want to sell your car? Then it’s best to call in a professional salesman because just putting a ‘for sale’ sign can mean a fine of up to €200. 

Driving with flip-flops on 

There are no actual laws about wearing flip-flops whilst driving! But if a police officer believes the shoes you are wearing could be affecting safety, then yes, you can be fined.

Therefore, although it may be tempting to drive in flip-flops in summer temperatures, our advice is “better safe than sorry”. So put on comfortable and safe shoes. Because if you do happen to be fined for wearing flip flops, slippers, or even high heels for that matter, if they are seen as affecting your driving, it can cost you €200.  

The tweet from the DGT translated says “The summer question returns  Is it a fine or not to drive with flip flops. There are no rules about it. But if it is seen that it affects safety (handling of pedals, for example) it can be punishable. Therefore use your head and put on comfortable and safe shoes.”

The same fine also applies if you are driving without a t-shirt or top on.

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