These are the most peculiar violations of traffic rules in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
traffic violations

Speeding, being under the influence of alcohol or driving without a seatbelt… we all know it’s illegal and punishable. To drive safely in Spain, it is useful to know the rules of the road. However, some violations of the traffic rules are surprising!

Even casually leaning your elbow out of the window can result in a fine! The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) has compiled a list of the most curious breaches of the highway code. These may seem silly traffic violations at first glance, but can lead to hefty fines and even loss of driving licence points. Take advantage of the tips below!  

Too many people in the car

It is not allowed to transport more people in the car than the manufacturer indicates. If you ignore this rule, you can get a fine of €80. For those who take more than 50% of the permitted number of seats – without driver – the consequences are more serious. This offence is considered very serious, resulting in a fine of €500, revocation of your driving licence for three months, or a four-point deduction from your driving licence.   

Reckless braking 

This carries a fine of €500 and the deduction of six points.   

Fine for arguing or kissing the co-driver

Just as displays of hatred can cost us a fine, gestures of love towards the co-driver are also punishable with a fine of 80 euros. We must take into account that we can divert our gaze from the road when making one of these displays of affection, which poses a danger.

Throwing objects on or near the road 

You risk a fine of €500 and six points on your driving licence. Your licence may be revoked for up to three months if what you throw is likely to cause a fire or accident or to obstruct traffic.  More than just a traffic fine, this is a matter of civility. Objects should not be thrown out of the driver’s window (or any other window) because, in addition to littering the road, we can distract or hinder the circulation of other vehicles.

Parking on the beach sand

The beaches of Spain are highly valued, and we are surrounded by them. Therefore, intentionally parking on one of them can result in a fine of up to 6,000 euros.

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This is because beaches and their entire extension are considered protected areas, as indicated by the blue flag that most of them have, in addition to the fact that they are not spaces where one can drive.

Overtaking cyclists, endangering them  

Overtaking cyclists, endangering them or impeding them to progress is considered a serious offence punishable by €200 and the withdrawal of six points from your driving licence. You also risk losing your driving licence for up to three months.  

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Not respecting the safety distance 

The fine is €200, and even €500 if it is considered reckless driving, and then it also costs you 6 points. 

Eating, make-up, reading or using a mobile phone at a red traffic light

This is punishable by a fine of €200 and the deduction of two points from your driving licence. The fine is also for using your mobile phone while driving, which can also lead to the deduction of six points.  

Leaning out of the window 

Leaning out of the window, even with just your elbow or hand, can result in an €80 fine.   

Driving with bare feet, flip-flops, heels or no shirt on  

Be careful here this summer, each of these actions can result in a fine of up to 500 euros.    

Playing loud music in front of a hospital or in “silent areas”.  

Violation of this rule is punishable by a fine of €100, which can rise to €3,000 depending on the noise level. Each municipality determines the decibel limit.   

Honking when not necessary 

The horn can be a nuisance for many people, and it is often used inappropriately, causing unnecessary noise pollution. Using it to greet or attract attention in the wrong way results in a fine of €80 euros, as it bothers pedestrians and other drivers who can also be startled.

Fine for refueling while talking on the phone

The use of mobile phones is one of the most common offenses and one of the most penalized sanctions, but we can also be fined for being parked and using this device. This happens when we are parked at a gas station, as we can be fined €91 for a minor offense.

It is also better to avoid.. 

The RACE also reminds you that officers can fine you if you put advertisements, decorations or drawings on your car (€80). You risk the same fine if you don’t let the DGT know you’ve moved (€80). Furthermore, drive or park your car on the pavement can cost you €200. Skid your car (€100), wash your car or carry out maintenance on the street (from €30 to €3,000). Finally, driving with a ‘for sale’ sign in the window (up to €200). In the latter case, you would be misusing the public highway. Furthermore, the sign could make it difficult for you to see behind the wheel.  

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