The DGT can fine you in lots of ways

by Lorraine Williamson
DGT fine for no lights

MADRID – One way the DGT can fine you is the misuse of your car lights. This can cost you up to €200.

Car lights are essential, and in some cases in Spain, there are situations where it is mandatory to use them. This regulation is much different from in the UK. Here, there are traffic regulations advising you when you should turn on your lights.

When you need lights

Now it is getting darker a little earlier in the evening, the DGT reminds us when we should be putting on our lights to escape a fine. There are various circumstances that apply.

For example, low beams are used most often and are often mandatory.

Lights in tunnels

The use of low beam headlights is mandatory in circumstances such as between sunset and sunrise, in tunnels, on reversible lanes (a lane in which traffic may travel in either direction, depending on certain conditions), or in poor visibility conditions. Also, it is always essential for motorbikes.

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This is very important to realise as often when driving through a tunnel unless your beams come on automatically, it is easy to forget. However, there is always a sign showing a dipped headlight before you enter a tunnel and just as you have left it to remind you. This is shown in the main image above.

Moreover, the fine for not turning on the low beams in these situations would carry a penalty of €200.

High beam

As far as high beams are concerned, they can only be used between sunset and sunrise in areas where people are traveling at more than 40 km/hr on roads that are not well lit. If a car is coming in the opposite direction you must remove the full beam as it could dazzle them.

Also, you must remember you cannot drive if your lights are not working as this could also lead to fines.

The DGT also warns why you should never warn on social media about a police checkpoint. A police checkpoint is there for a reason –

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