Why you should never warn of a police checkpoint

by Lorraine Williamson
police checkpoint

The Guardia Civil explains on Twitter why it is important not to warn of their presence at a police checkpoint. They ask you not to warn people on social media networks, apps, or messaging services.

They are aware of the wide reach that each notice may give. For many, it will be welcome information to save time by not being stopped. But for others, they will appreciate the warning which will allow them to go unpunished for some crime.


The DGT is also against the apps that warn people of police checkpoints and helicopters etc. So much so, that they have requested on several occasions for legislation prohibiting the use of such apps.

However, until this happens, Traffic cops and the DGT ask you not to post even if you believe you are being helpful.

Two outcomes

In an official Tweet from Guardia Civil, they play out the scenario.

“When you see there is a police checkpoint, you have the brilliant idea of warning by app or on social media. There are two possible outcomes. The first is simply some help for genuine people who do not want to be held up in a queue. But the second could be more serious. You do not know who is travelling in the vehicles maybe 5 or 10 km behind you. There could be robbers, terrorists, etc. When they see your warning, they thank you for your nice gesture and leave the road.

Is this what you want?

Tweet from Guardia Civil

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