Defense Spain ends height requirements for new personnel

by Lorraine Williamson
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The Ministry of Defense in Spain will implement a change in 2023 that will ensure more equality within the Spanish army. As a result, very short and tall Spaniards are also allowed to join the armed forces from this year. The Spanish police have already taken the step to end height requirements. 

The Ministry of Defense has decided to do this in order to ‘continue to promote equal opportunities and to make it easier to attract new talent’. Last Thursday, the Ministry announced that there are no longer any restrictions on the heights of men and women who want to participate in the army. 

What height requirements were set for defense personnel in Spain? 

Previously, women had to be at least 1.55 m and men at least 1.60 m. Furthermore, both men and women were previously not admitted if they were taller than 2.03 m. These height requirements are only maintained within functions or units when this is necessary for the work. For example, when special machines have to be operated where a length that is too large or too short can be an obstacle. 

Outside of these special positions, there will no longer be any height restrictions for men and women applying to the various branches of the armed forces, including Guardia Civil officers. This change will be implemented within Defense in the upcoming recruitment and selection rounds for new personnel in 2023. 

The requirement already expired with the Spanish police 

Earlier, the Spanish police also abolished this length requirement. Within the Spanish police services, it has also been the case for some time that a minimum and maximum height requirement is only set for special positions, since the length in some positions affects the feasibility of specialist police work. 

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