Spain, sixth country in Europe with highest number of flight cancellations

by Lorraine Williamson
flight cancellations

Spain is the sixth country in Europe with the most cancelled flights between May and August this year, with 1,718 cancellations out of a total of 275,595 flights, according to data from the company AirHelp, which provides legal support for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights. 

The summer was marked by several strikes by pilots, cabin crew and air traffic controllers. It also was affected by the knock-on effect of lack of airport staff due to the pandemic. Consequently, all this led to many flights being cancelled or delayed in Europe this summer.  

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Germany at number one 

According to the European rankings compiled by AirHelp, Germany leads the list with a total of 6,107 flights out of 219,255 flights. This is followed by the UK (4,486), Italy (2,885), France (2,671) and the Netherlands (2,076). Then comes Spain (1718) in numbers of cancelled flights. Following Spain are neighbouring Portugal, with a total of 1,366 cancellations, Denmark (1,063), Sweden (1,014) and Austria (721). 


Following flight delays and cancellations, AirHelp has reminded passengers affected by a delay of three hours or more that they are entitled to an alternative flight. Rebooking on an alternative flight must be done by the operating airline itself and domestic flights can be optionally rebooked. 




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