Several injured after car and tram collision in Malaga

by Lorraine Williamson
tram collision

Several people were injured on Sunday evening after a car collided with a tram in Malaga. The accident happened at around 7.50 pm in the Teatinos district, near El Cónsul station, according to Andalucia’s 112 emergency services. 

According to bystanders, the car drove onto the tram track for unknown reasons, causing a head-on collision between the tram and the car. Then, the tram derailed as a result of the collision. Several fire brigade units, Policia Local, Nacional and ambulance services were sent to the scene of the accident. 

All emergency services turned to accident 

Some of the tram’s occupants were injured in the collision and one of the three occupants of the car had to be freed by the fire brigade. The local fire brigade reported the accident on Twitter and released images. Shortly after the accident, the news site wrote that the Malaga town hall said that four people were ultimately injured, two of them seriously. 

Malaga city council claims driver’s guilt 

The Policia Local is now investigating how the accident could have happened. Via Twitter, the municipality of Malaga already announced on Sunday evening that the driver of the car must have ignored the red traffic light, which caused the collision. 

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Furthermore, due to the accident, part of the route could no longer be used. Traffic services already started on Sunday evening with the necessary repairs and maintenance so that the entire route can be used again. 

Not the first accident on the route in Malaga 

It is not the first time that an accident has occurred on this stretch between the intersection of Calle Jiménez Fraud and the metro line along Boulevard Louis Pasteur. In the first eight months that this line was put into operation, between the end of 2014 and mid-2015, three accidents occurred. Later in 2017, a car with its tyres got stuck in one of the railway tracks, stopping the track for two hours. 

Last December, emergency services were called out when one of the trams collided with a car crossing the track at high speed next to Hospital Clínico. Also then a tram slightly derailed. Although several ambulances were called out at the time, there were no injuries. At that time, the route could then not be used for three hours. 


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