Pedestrians in Spain risk high fines if they ignore red lights

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MADRID – Who doesn’t once in a while? If there is no traffic approaching, ignore a red light and cross quickly. According to the General Traffic Regulations, this is a serious violation.

Pedestrians who cross a zebra crossing with a red light risk a fine of €200. Although it is not often that local police issue a fine for this, it can happen. Particularly when it concerns risky behaviour, such as crossing the road while distracted by a mobile phone.

Equal fines for pedestrians and drivers

It is striking that the fine for pedestrians is the same as for drivers who run a red light. Drivers also lose 4 points on their driver’s license. The traffic regulations also contain regulations for the behaviour of pedestrians on the road, such as the obligation to walk on the left side of the road on roads outside built-up areas.

Pedestrians on highways and reflective vests

Pedestrians are prohibited from walking on motorways, resulting in a fine of €80. The same fine applies for not wearing a reflective vest outside built-up areas.

Crossing outside zebra crossings

Crossing the road in places without a zebra crossing, especially in poor visibility, is also a punishable offense. Crossing slowly without a clear reason also falls under this, with a fine of €80.

Alcohol and drug testing for pedestrians

Interestingly, although alcohol and drug testing is usually associated with drivers, pedestrians who commit a traffic violation may also be subject to such testing. This highlights the seriousness with which the Spanish authorities approach road safety.

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