Nine establishments distributing counterfeit trainers dismantled

by Lorraine Williamson
counterfeit trainers

In a collaborative effort between the Policia Nacional, Madrid Municipal Police, and Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency, a significant crackdown on the distribution and sale of counterfeit sports trainers took place across Madrid, Toledo, and Alicante.

Operation ‘Victoria,’ unfolded over several months and culminated in the dismantling of nine establishments involved in the illicit trade. Police action led to the seizure of over 95,000 pairs of counterfeit trainers and the apprehension of seven individuals accused of offenses against industrial property and smuggling.

The operation began in May 2023 when investigators, through surveillance and monitoring activities, discovered extensive commercial activities carried out by a group of individuals, all of Asian origin. These individuals were introducing sports trainers into the market, allegedly infringing upon industrial property rights. The illicit activities were concentrated in the industrial area of Cobo Calleja in Fuenlabrada (Madrid), an industrial warehouse in Yuncler (Toledo), and the industrial estate of El Carrús in Elche (Alicante).

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Counterfeit sports trainers seized

On December 21, various operations were initiated in Madrid, Toledo, and Elche to inspect the identified premises. Numerous sports trainers were discovered during the inspections and were promptly examined by experts and representatives of the respective brands, confirming their counterfeit nature. Subsequently, the investigators seized the counterfeit products.

The operation concluded with the inspection of nine commercial premises and warehouses located in the provinces of Alicante, Toledo, and Madrid. Additionally, seven individuals responsible for these establishments were arrested, and a total of €10,085 in cash, along with 95,814 pairs of counterfeit sports trainers, were seized (16,044 in Madrid, 53,364 in Toledo, and 26,406 in Elche). The provisional valuation of the seized items amounts to €2,096,384.

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