Vueling implements facial recognition system at Spanish airports

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Spanish airline Vueling has taken a significant leap forward in aviation technology with the implementation of a biometric system or facial recognition at several Spanish airports. This technological advancement now makes air travel in Spain faster, more comfortable, and safer.

Thanks to the deployment of facial recognition technology, travelers can now enjoy a smoother and ‘paper-less’ experience at the Spanish airports Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona-El Prat, Palma de Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza.

This innovation marks the company as the first airline in Spain to offer a complete biometric experience. Vueling began the project two years ago on the Barcelona-Malaga route.

According to Rodolfo Moreira, Director of Customer Experience at Vueling, this technology ‘significantly improves the experience of customers and simplifies airport procedures’.

Rollout since November 

After the test-phase, Vueling started the voluntary implementation of facial recognition at the mentioned airports in November. This initial phase will soon be extended to Tenerife North and Gran Canaria. Vueling is the first Spanish airline to offer the service, which is expected to become the norm in the coming years. 

A new dimension of travel convenience

The system, based on uniquely identifying individuals by their physical and non-transferable characteristics, allows passengers to go from security control to the aircraft without showing any form of documentation or boarding pass. Travellers can sign up via the ‘Manage your reservation’ section on the Vueling app. This process speeds up the entire process significantly. Furthermore, it also increases security from the moment the traveler registers online – via the app at check-in or at the kiosks at the airports.

Biometrics: The future of air travel

In this first phase, biometrics will be available at security filters and at a selected number of gates with flights to both national and international destinations. Vueling customers only need to register once in the biometric system. For subsequent flights, it is only necessary to activate facial recognition after completing check-in via their mobile app, by simply clicking on “Manage your booking”.

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