Vueling changes rules on hand luggage

by Lorraine Williamson
hand luggage

MADRID – The Spanish airline Vueling follows Ryanair and will charge costs for bringing a suitcase on board from November 23. Depending on the weight, an amount between €8 and €25 will be charged. 

Vueling reports on its website: “Important warning. From 23 November 2021, we will be adapting our Basic Fare. This will affect those who travel light and want to pay the minimum for their ticket. The fare includes a single piece of luggage on board (under the seat in front, size 40x20x30cm). This will give you the freedom to reserve cabin or checked baggage on board, only if you need it.” In order to take hand luggage (55x20x40cm) on board, people with a Basic Fare will have to pay. 

Therefore, if a passenger takes a hand luggage case or another size bag that must be placed in the hold, then the cheapest rate must be based on the payment of at least €8. 

Reduce waiting times

Talking about “à la carte” rates, the Catalan company explains that with this measure they want to attract and favour those who choose to pay the minimum for their reservation. In addition, Vueling wants to reduce waiting times at the airport in this way. 

In November last year, Vueling already made a change to its cabin baggage policy. This limited the number of pieces of luggage in the cabin for passengers traveling on the Basic fare. Since then, they are allowed to take a single piece of hand luggage on board, which must be placed under the front seat. However, the permitted dimensions were expanded to a maximum of 40x20x30 centimetres and without weight limit. 

Additional hand luggage

From November 23, it can still be taken along for free, but if you want to take another piece of hand luggage with you and opt for this rate, you must purchase the service ‘My hand luggage in the cabin’. This is also included in the Priority Boarding or front row seat booking service. 

Any extra kilo above the pre-contracted weight limit will be charged at the airport at €12/kilo. Furthermore, this will be up to a maximum of 32 kilos per suitcase. 

In the Optima, TimeFlex, and Family fares, it is allowed to take two pieces of hand luggage in the cabin; a bag that fits under the seat and hand luggage of up to 10 kilograms and size of 55x40x20 centimetres. 

Baggage exceeding these limits, weighing between 15-30 kilograms, will be charged between €8-€25. This is;

  • €8 for 15 kg
  • €10 for 20 kg
  • €15 for 25 kg
  • €25 for 30 kg  

Passengers with children under two years old, people with special needs, or Premium customers can still take the two pieces of hand luggage on board, regardless of the fare chosen. 

Vueling has also informed its customers that “all base fare reservations made before the change date will retain the previous baggage conditions”. This is regardless of the flight date,

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