Five new fines you could receive in Spain before the end of the year

by Lorraine Williamson
new fines

MADRID – This year has been particularly turbulent in Spain when it comes to changes to traffic laws and traffic offences. And although the amendment to the new traffic law has yet to be finalised, Spanish drivers should already be on their guard, as new traffic fines have already been introduced.  

Electric scooter 

The first offence, which has already been punishable for a few months, directly affects electric scooter drivers. Officially, they are no longer allowed to drive on pavements. The fine for this offence is €200. In addition, it is expected that before the end of the year it will also be compulsory for drivers of electric scooters to wear a helmet. How high the fine will be for not wearing the helmet is not yet known.  


The speed limits on certain roads have also been tightened. This year, a start was made with imposing fines on vehicles that drive faster than 30 km/hr there. Although this is not a new sanction in itself, a different speed limit now applies in the zones to improve the situations between motor vehicles and other vulnerable road users. 

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Penalties following from traffic law 

The rest of the new penalties are included in the amended traffic law. They are official now that they have been approved by Congress and reviewed by the Senate. They are the following offences and corresponding fines: 

Be careful with your mobile phone: driving with a mobile phone in your hand, whether you are using it or not, will cost you €200 and 6 points will be deducted from your points licence. Having a radar detector or brake in the car, even if it is not connected, is fined €200 and a deduction of 3 points. If you are waiting somewhere and do not switch off the engine of your car, it can cost you €100.  

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